Telecom Network Location Management

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Telecom network location and floor plan management

With VC4-IMS a telecom provider gets an opportunity to correctly manage their telecom network locations. The telecom network location management (or site management) in IMS gives telecom providers all the information about the location and the hierarchy of the location. In addition, floor plans can be managed for each room/space within the building/site.


VC4-IMS allow users to manually create, change or delete network items and circuit routes.
The automatic connection configuration functionality allows network operators to automatically plan connections and services in IMS. This functionality is based on “least cost routing”. Rules to define the “costs” can be implemented based on customer requirements. For example shortest distance, least hops, least financial costs or combination.
IMS can link the automatic planning functionality with the workflow engine of IMS. Thereby, workflows
can be fully automated.

The hierarchy of network locations

There is a hierarchy that applies to network locations:

  • Countries
  • Provinces, States or Regions
  • Cities
  • Buildings
  • Rooms (with related floor)
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Location form information

The location/site form includes data relating to all of the objects that correspond with a specific type, such as:

  1. General site information
  2. Connections beginning or ending at a location
  3. Equipment placed in the location
  4. DDF, ODF, Patch-Panels in the location
  5. Location alias names (different names for same location)
  6. Cabinets/Racks in the location
  7. Free/available ports in the location
  8. Geo Maps (to view location in geographical maps)
  9. Non-telco equipment in the location (aircos, power equipment, fire extinguishers, etc.)
  10. Floor plan
  11. Any other information, customized to the needs of the operator

Location naming rules

Location naming rules can also be used within IMS to automatically generate location codes, therefore preventing mistakes from being made.

Telecom Floor Plan Solution

Using graphical views, software users can manage the floor space, creating plans for each separate room.

These can include information such as:

  • Height and width of floor tiles
  • Flexible labeling of the floortiles
  • Racks/Cabinets
  • Node/Power/DDF/ODF shelves in the rack/cabinet
  • Walls and entrances
  • Rotation of objects in floor plan
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Zoom in/out functionality
  • Extract to PDF

A floorplan in IMS

These examples show a graphical layout of a location and a cabinet/rack that have been opened from the floor plan with equipment placed at different heights within the cabinet.

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