What is the bulkloader functionality?

Another of our Inventory & Management System’s (IMS’s) functionalities here at VC4, is that of the bulkloader.

This allows telecom service providers to upload several files or large amounts of data to their networks in one go, making what may otherwise be a lengthy, challenging task, significantly quicker and easier.

Data can be copied into the software’s bulkloader form from Microsoft Excel or a csv (comma separated value) file.

This will then be imported into the system using the same business rules that apply to uploading information in its graphical user interface (GUI).

Bulkloader in IMS

There are several different types of bulkloader within IMS, but each has a specific fixed format, which means the software can easily identify them, helping it to understand exactly what the user wants to upload.

Each bulkloader has a record number, followed by a command name, which IMS will use to determine what data should be uploaded.

Examples of command names include:

  • Create Customer (to upload new customer names into IMS)
  • Create Location (to upload new locations into IMS)
  • Create Circuit (to upload new circuits into IMS)
  • Edit Circuits (to change existing circuits)
  • Add Circuit to Carrier (to add circuit routing to a connection)
  • Add Circuit to Port ( to relate a circuit to a port)

In addition, users of IMS can prepare information in a spreadsheet, before copying and pasting it into the inventory system’s bulkloader form, making the process a little less complex.

When the bulkloader has been commanded to perform the function, IMS will begin uploading the data, with each individual record being validated before it is stored in the service provider’s database.