Customizable fields and tabs

Within minutes Admin IMS users can create extra fields and tab pages. There is no need for a new IMS version, these actions can be done in existing Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Customizable Fields and Tabs in IMS

Admin users can create customized tab pages and fields and link them to existing IMS forms.
Below a short description what can be created.

Tab parameters:

  • In which form this new tab needs to be implemented
  • Tab name
  • Link to which table in the database

Field parameters:

  • Name of field
  • Field type (e.g. text, numeric, date, formula)
  • Condition tab/field is shown (e.g. when speed = “2MB” or nodetype=”Cisco 7206VXR”)
  • Position of field in tab page
  • Field dimension in tab page
  • Combobox dropdown values (optional)
  • Standard value
  • Empty value allowed?