Custom reports for telecom service providers in IMS

VC4’s Inventory & Management System (IMS) supports several types of telecom network reports, all of which can be exported to Excel. The following are all supported by the application:

  • Predefined reports
  • Customized reports using Report Query form
  • Scheduled reports sent via email
  • SQL based reports in SQL Report form

IMS offers two different telecom report forms: Report Query and SQL Report.

Network Utilization Report Query form

This form type allows users to preconfigure reports that have been tailor-made for a given organization.

Reports can be created and customized to meet the exacting requirements of different departments or personnel. These personal reports can also be saved and scheduled.

SQL Network Utilization Report Form

With this form, users are able to access preconfigured reports customized for their organization. They can create their own SQL reports based on SQL statements, which can then be saved and scheduled – sent via email – if necessary.

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