Managing distribution frames

Managing Distribution frames

One function of VC4’s Inventory & Management System (IMS) is that it can help with the management of distribution frames, including patch panels, digital distribution frames (DDF) and optical distribution frames (ODF).

The software allows for cables – or patches/jumpers as you may refer to them – to be made between frames and equipment, different frames, and the frame and a leased line.

In addition, individual cables can be layered into main cables, while graphical views can be drawn to show the end-to-end routes of these wires.

Managing Distribution Frames with a example of a pre wiring cable route
Pre Wiring

Managing DDF/ODF Distribution Frames

IMS users can model DDFs, ODFs and patch panel types within the inventory system, creating them from a remote location, before positioning them in a rack.

As each distribution frame has a front and a back, connections or patches can be made by pre-wiring equipment to other frames.

What else can this IMS functionality manage?

In a similar way to how it looks after distribution frames, IMS can also manage manholes, fiber cables, individual fibers and splices that are located within the splice box or joint.

Furthermore, information regarding the relationship between the manhole outside of the building and the ODF indoors can be stored within IMS.

Managing Distribution Frames with an example of outside plant cable route
Outside Plant Cable route

Below is a diagram of these fiber routings within the graphical and geographical views of the network map.

Mananging Distribution Frames; here a Grafical view of a fiber route
Grafical view of a fiber route

To discover more about distribution frame management with VC4’s Inventory & Management System, get in touch with one of the team on +31 72 5621771 or at┬átoday.

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