Managing Distribution frames

Distribution frames (like DDF, ODF, Patch Panels, Splice panels) can be registered in the VC4-IMS application.

Cables (patches, jumpers) can be made between:

  • Frame and equipment (e.g. pre-wiring)
  • Frame and Frame
  • Frame and leased line

Cables can be layered into a main cable. Splices can be registered, and splice schemas can be viewed.

Graphical views can be drawn to show the end to end cable routes. Below an example of cable route starting on WDM equipment (lowest rectangle) towards an ODF and another ODF, routing further to fiber network (OSP).


All types of frames can be modeled in IMS

Users can create the digital and optical distribution frames with location as starting point. DDF/ODF shelves and patch panels can be positioned in a rack. Each frame has a front and a back. Per frame position a connection/patch can be made to equipment (pre-wiring) or another frame.

Below a screenshot of an ODF with its positions (filtered on back side positions). Splicing schemas can be viewed in table format:



Graphical splicing diagrams can be viewed as well:


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