Leased Line Management

Leased line management with IMS

In the telecommunications industry, leased lines are parts of a network – either complete or incomplete – that are being borrowed from another service provider.

Leased line management; here a grafical view of Leased Lines
Leased lines

One of the many capabilities of VC4’s Inventory & Management System (IMS) is that it can help with the registration and management of each of a company’s leased lines.

The information relating to leased lines that can be captured and managed within IMS includes:

1. General Attributes

    • Name
    • Bandwidth(up/down)
      Leased Line management - General Attributes of a leased line
      General Attributes of a leased line
    • Supplier
    • Product of supplier
    • Status
    • Type (e.g. leased line, interconnect, telephone line)
    • Distance
    • Ratio (overbooking)
    • Creation date
    • Protocol
    • Demarcation point
    • Protection information
    • Order and cease number,
    • Additional extra information.

2. Vendor and service level agreement information

    • Agreed Order lead times
    • Agreed Fault repair time
    • Agreed to be on-site
    • Main time to repair
    • Contact persons + details
    • Connections bought from operator
    • Product names
    • Special Arrangements
    • Escalation procedure

If a service provider is using the workflow and trouble ticket functionalities of IMS, the service level agreements, or SLAs, can be checked against the work that is actually being produced.

3. Contract information

  • Contract number
    Leased line management - Lease_Lines_contract_info 1
    Leased Line contract information example 1
  • Start date contract
  • End date contract
  • Related End date customer contract
  • PO number
  • Account number
  • Internal cost centre number
  • Installation costs (+currency)
  • Monthly costs (+currency)
    Lease line management - Lease_Lines_contract_info 2
    Leased Line contract information example 2
  • Contract term
  • Extension term
  • Costs related to extension

In addition, automatic invoice checks can be carried out within the inventory system to audit those sent from the leased line provider, making life easier for all parties involved.

If you’d like to know more about leased line management from VC4, get in touch with a member of the team on +31 72 5621 771 or at

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