Telecom capacity management with VC4’s IMS

In our Inventory & Management System (IMS) Telecom Capacity Management (TCM) was developed to meet the network planning, facility planning and management needs of the telecom industry. IMS encompasses solutions for inside and outside plant management and for fixed and mobile network resources.

IMS is highly intelligent; it stores information relating to connections and equipment for all of the networks that a telecom service provider is using at any one time. Thanks to this, IMS can recognise which ports and channels or timeslots are still available for a company to use, taking a complex task away from employees, allowing them to get on with other, more important jobs.


IMS stores reports for all sorts of information relating to telecom network capacity management and utilisation, with members of staff able to view these in the system’s graphical user interface (GUI).

GUI is used for Telecom Capacity management

Information about port capacity in a particular location can be found within the locations form of the GUI.

Port Capacity in a particular location in IMS for Telecom Capacity management
Port Capacity

Reports in Telecom capacity management

Similarly to the order management functions of IMS, its telecom capacity management capabilities allows reports to be generated and stored in a central location, allowing employees within a telecoms company to easily refer back to these when required.

By preventing the need for members of staff to spend long periods of time locating these, easy access to reports means a greater amount of time can be dedicated to more important tasks.

Therefore, this is a strong example of how IMS can help to improve the productivity of a business.

Ring filling

Multiple networks can be built within the Inventory & Management System’s ring structure – for example, SDH and SONET.

To manage the capacity of these, the highly user-friendly Ring Filling functionality can be used to enable telecom service providers to better understand the connectivity and utilisation potential of a variety of different network layers, such as STMx, OCx, VCx and STSx.

Ring filling form in IMS, our Telecom Capacity management system.
SDH-SONET Ring Filling

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