IP Address Management System

IP address management system with VC4’s IMS

Here at VC4, our Inventory & Management System (IMS) can have a whole host of benefits for telecom service providers, with its ability to help administrators automatically maintain and assign data to a network’s IP addresses one of its most popular.

IMS can help companies to manage the task of identifying IP addresses that are in use, as well as those that are no longer assigned to any device.

By using network domains, the IP address management system can assist in preventing IP conflicts within a domain, as each address needs to be completely unique.

Our IP address management system for the Telecom Industry
IP management

How to create and edit IP address ranges with IMS

Using its IP calculator function, IMS can help engineers to create the IP ranges and subnet masks they need to use.

This is best done after both an IP address and accompanying prefix have been entered into the IP management database.

See the example below:

Our IP calculator inside our IP address management system
IP Calculator

Relating network items to IP addresses

VC4’s IMS can also be used to relate IP addresses back to a variety of network items, including:

  • Cards
  • Connections, such as VLANs
  • Equipment, including the loopback address
  • Ports

IMS will show telecom service providers what the next available IP address is and which will provide the optimum effect.

See the screenshot below:

How to add IP addresses in our IP address management system
To add IP address

To discover more about the IP address management system from VC4, contact us at sales@vc4.com or on +31 72 5621771.

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