Management of Spare parts for Telecom

Management of Spare parts for Telecom

VC4’s management system spare parts for telecom can provide immediate reductions in inventory carrying costs by consolidating warehouse needs with full inventory visibility. Moreover reducing your total cost of ownership through CAPEX and OPEX without reducing network reliability or performance.

Our spare parts management system works similar to the Warehouse functionality.

IMS Management of Spare parts for Telecom supports

  • Spare Management locations (sites)
  • Equipment list (node, cards) per vendor
  • Management of spare equipment per location
  • Ordering spare equipment at vendor
  • Monitoring of spare equipment deliveries from vendor
  • Easy swap of materials in case of defects in active network (see example below)
  • Automatic Reports.
A swap of spare parts in IMS (see our Management of Spare parts for telecom)
Easy swap of spare parts

The VC4 team can be reached on +31 72 5621771 or at if you’d like to find out more about how spare part management could benefit your telecoms business.

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