Telecom network planning with IMS

The main purpose of our services and our innovative Inventory & Management System (IMS) is to help businesses to better manage their networks. This is something that can be done through extensive planning, as well as managing network changes.

Telecom Network planning

Two of the core features of the IMS tool are that it can be used for network management planning and managing changes.

The IMS Operations Support System (OSS) application can be utilised by network planners to both plan and design a new network before it is built within the existing one.

Employees using IMS for telecom network change management will see each attribute within the system, such as the location, equipment, card, shelf and connection, has its own status to identify in which phase the attribute in the delivery or change process it is.

In addition, IMS Network Panning can be used in conjunction with IMS Workflow, to allow for a seamless experience.

However, if you don’t wish to use the workflow function of the Inventory & Management System, you can still link it to another such system or order management solution you may be using, which makes the tool highly adaptable to the needs of any business.

To help planning engineers to manage their networks in IMS, our telecoms specialists have added a whole host of useful tools, including:

  • Automatic trail engineering
  • Available routes from the node
  • Copy routing and duplicate circuits
  • Equipment templates
  • Copy equipment
  • Ring and network overviews

Manual and automated planning

IMS has the capacity for both manual and automated planning, which adds to its innovativeness and effectiveness.

Beginning with its manual capabilities, IMS allows its users to create, change and delete network items and circuit routes themselves within the application database.

Moving on to its automatic planning functions, the trail engineering functionality allows network operators to automatically plan connections thanks to the concept of ‘least cost routing’.

Costs are determined based on the differing requirements of our customers, taking into account a variety of factors, including distance, type of network and their financial budgets.

For service providers also using IMS for workflow management, the automatic planning function of the software can be linked with its workflow engine, allowing for smoother business operations and the potential for improved productivity.

Telecom Change Management

In the fast-paced, ever-changing world of telecoms, companies regularly need to change how they use their networks. Luckily, IMS is an excellent tool when it comes to managing network alterations and replacements.

It is not just new networks that IMS can assist in this way, as it can also have many benefits with regard to telecom network change management. These can be planned in advance so that all departments are aware they will be happening before they are implemented to keep business operations running as smoothly as possible.

The status of items can be changed to ‘in service’ again once changes have been processed, while any old information – such as out-of-date routing or port information – will be stored in the Inventory & Management System’s history.

Changes that can be managed by the OSS tool include:

  • Both actual and future situations relating to the connection of equipment and ports
  • Both actual and future situations relating to timeslots and channel levels
  • Capacity management for both actual and future networks
  • Different network statuses used within the change management process
  • Future ports for those that are currently occupied, but will become available in the future
  • Graphical circuit paths for both actual and future routing
  • Migration statuses for connections that will be subject to change in the future
  • The business and validation rules of change management

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