Network Status in VC4’s IMS

Network Status is an application in IMS that reports the status of the network connection and display the details of the connection established.

Network Status Management system

In IMS every network item (like connections, nodes, shelves or locations) always has a status. An explanation of each network status used in IMS is detailed below:




PL Planned A planned item is planned/designed, but is not built in the network yet.
RFS Ready for Service An item with RFS status has been built in the actual network, but is not operational yet.
IS In Service The item is in use/operational
MI To be Migrated This status is applicable when the item is still in service, but will be migrated in the near future. After migration it will be set to In Service (IS) again.
RFS Ready for Cease With this status the network is marked as still in use, but will be ceased in the near future
OOS Out of Service The network item is not in use anymore

Business and technology rules have been implemented in the IMS system. Before a status change is being executed, IMS will validate if the status change is possible.

Example: It is not possible to set a connection “in service”, when the card or equipment related to connection is still in “planned” or “ready for service” status.

Warehouse and Spares statuses

When equipment is in the IMS Warehouse and not in the network, the materials can have statuses related to the warehouse:



In Stock The material is stored in the warehouse and is not yet planned to go in the network yet.
Ordered The material is being ordered at the equipment vendor.
Reserved The material is in the warehouse and is reserved to go into the actual network soon.
Laid Out The equipment is being packed to be picked up. It will leave the warehouse any moment.
Out Stock Material is not in warehouse anymore.
Ready for Sale The material is in warehouse and will not be used in network anymore. It will be sold.
Sold The material has been sold to an external party.
Returned Something is wrong with the material and is returned to vendor.
Defect The material is defect and needs to be fixed or replaced.

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