Telecom workflow management solution

Telecom workflow management with VC4’s IMS

Telecom workflow management is the process by which a service provider keeps track of all of the tasks taking place within the organisation at any one time – a significant job in itself.

However, VC4’s Inventory & Management System (IMS) is designed to help telecom service providers with this, as its workflow application can be an integrated module within the system.

It is not compulsory for users of IMS to employ this particular function, but it allows each step of the telecom workflow management process to be created in a simple manner by all those who have user permission.

What does the IMS order management function support?

This particular function of IMS allows the management of orders to be improved significantly, as a whole host of information can be stored within the system for future reference by a variety of employees, making life easier for everyone within a company.

It can also help to improve the service a firm is providing and keep business operations running as smoothly as possible.

The order management function supports:

  • The ability to create and adjust processes in a flexible manner
  • Order queues
  • Both main and sub tasks
  • Both serial and parallel work streams
  • Automatic tasks relating to queues
  • The ability to accept and reject tasks
  • Automatic order lead time management
  • Report functionality
  • Direct links to network items in the inventory, such as connections or other equipment

Which automatic tasks can the workflow functionality perform?

The telecom workflow management application can also be used to perform a variety of tasks automatically. These include:

  • The creation of circuit names
  • The ability to relate circuits to equipment ports
  • Designing circuits through networks
  • The creation of sub interfaces on IP/MPLS routers or switches
  • The ability to relate IP addresses to ports
  • It can set all related network items to the ‘in service’ status
  • Adding cards in equipment
  • Provisioning connections within a network

Managing orders with IMS

Every department within a telecoms organisation using the workflow management database of IMS will have its own individual order queue, which is a central location where incoming orders will be recorded.

In addition, new processes can be created for each different order type, with all users having the ability to create, modify and delete these, as long as they have been given the correct user permission.

To create new connections, engineers will need to know some important information, such as the location of the data’s transportation, the bandwidth and the number of connections needed, but depending on the function, the required information will change.

However, engineers need to make sure they define which information fields are compulsory before closing the task, as this will help to prevent mistakes further down the order process.

Multiple attachments can be linked to each running order and can be stored within IMS, while it can also provide a home for order reports, such as those on lead time, order numbers and how many queries are being handled by a department at any one time.

To discover more about workflow management with IMS, contact the VC4 team at or on +31 72 5621771.

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