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…….The Network Inventory System IMS, including the on-going support from VC4 has been a major success factor in successfully operating our network and our services today. The solution supports us to retain our high customer satisfaction. I can confidently recommend VC4 B.V. as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field…….


…….Be a one-stop shop for software to run a modern CSP engineering centre, providing not only a fully integrated “provisioning stack” of order management, inventory, activation, and discovery, but also other functions needed in an engineering centre……

Analysys Mason

……our team evaluated the OSS and network management solutions on the market today from the leading best-in-breed OSS solution providers. Our goal with this selection was to find the most comprehensive and innovative solution built on the latest technologies to allow us to deploy quickly and provide outstanding service and response times to our customers……

GBI connecting the World to the Gulf


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