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EllaLink Relies on SATEC to Implement VC4-IMS and set up Operations

17 November 2021
Melanie Gomersall

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  • Satec Group has designed a first-class architecture composed by best-of-breed solutions to support operations in EllaLink.
  • This Operations Support System (OSS) platform will offer the best customer experience and the highest level of service for EllaLink.
  • The Resource Management solution will be deployed based on the Inventory Management System (IMS) from VC4

EllaLink, the neutral-carrier optical platform offering secure high-capacity direct connectivity between Europe and Latin America through submarine cable, has relied on Satec Group for setting up their Inventory Management System, provided by VC4 B.V., and complementary tools seeking to guarantee operation of the network through its lifetime.

SATEC has been the integrator selected by EllaLink for an Operations Support System (OSS) project, including project governance, supply management, and infrastructure provision. EllaLink requires an integrated architecture able to offer an agile response to future incidents, controlling ticketing and change processes. According to Fernando Nieto, Business Manager from SATEC “we gather the OSS knowledge, the engineering team and the relevant experienced required to lead this project close to EllaLink”.

The operational tools for EllaLink are based on the Inventory Management System (IMS) from VC4. The deployment of VC4-IMS includes network discovery and reconciliation and other modules that allow EllaLink to discover devices and services running on the network and the resources consumed (ports, cards, equipment, owned and leased lines, data centers, etc.). VC4-IMS can gather and integrate information from the manufacturers deployed in the EllaLink network via their proprietary EMS.

Peter van Hartingsveld, VP Business Development at VC4 is very enthusiastic about this collaboration with Satec Group.

“We have a strong implementation partner with SATEC. The OSS solutions chosen by EllaLink, including VC4-IMS, will advance their network management capabilities exponentially”.

Rui Carrilho, Engineering and Operations Director at EllaLink comments that “The choice of the right partner is an important step of a project from the first beginning. We have established with SATEC and VC4 a relationship of trust that will last for the entire project length. With this implementation EllaLink will be able to optimize the information and monitor the network almost immediately in a more efficient and reliable way.”

The scope of the project is completed with the IT Service Management System (ITSM) and the Fault Management System (FM). The ITSM will orchestrate EllaLink’s processes based on the service provisioning workflows and will also manage the customer incidents, changes, problems, SLAs, and the CMDB alignment to the inventory solution. The FM will register alarms from EllaLink infrastructure (Infinera) providing a single console for a consolidated view of the status of the services.

EllaLink, among the 426 undersea fiber-optic cables, and a mesh of 1.6 million kilometers on the ocean floor, differentiates from being the unique low-latency and diverse transatlantic route connecting Europe and Latin America. This new direct route between the two continents offers an innovative guarantee on data privacy. Besides, it provides greater bandwidth based on a new generation of cables, favoring a huge capacity boost for the transmission of large volumes of data and the use of cloud computing.

About EllaLink

EllaLink is an advanced optical platform offering secure high-capacity connectivity on a unique low latency transatlantic route serving the growing needs of the Latin American and European markets. The EllaLink network directly connects Brazil and Europe, linking the major hubs of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza with Lisbon, Madrid and Marseille. 

The EllaLink System has been built with state-of-the-art coherent technology initially offering 100Tbps of capacity over four direct fiber pairs between Europe and Brazil. The landing sites in Fortaleza (Brazil) and Sines (Portugal) have been secured and EllaLink is in service since June 2021. EllaLink is a privately funded and independent company committed to providing products and services on a Carrier Neutral and Open Access basis. Marguerite II, a pan-European equity fund active in the renewables, energy, transport, and digital infrastructure sectors, is the main shareholder of EllaLink.

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SATEC GROUP is a multinational company engaged in integrating of advanced solutions and services associated with the new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). SATEC Group is now a large international entrepreneurial venture actively present in nine countries (with business in twenty countries) and with a current payroll of more than 1.000. SATEC has always defined its main objective as being to make itself the innovative response to enhancing its client’s data systems with the presentation of a comprehensive portfolio of engineering systems, offering cutting-edge resources and services.

SATEC GROUP has an extensive portfolio of ICT Services and solutions to satisfy the customer’s needs (user driven approach). This experience allows SATEC to offer specific services and solutions companies operating in any business sector (banking, health care, industry, Insurance, Public Administrations, Solar Energy, Telecoms, etc.). SATEC has proven experience in developing monitoring systems (SCADAs, environment data, data networks, etc.), remote control applications (for eHealth and Energy, M2M device networks), data analytics, ICT infrastructures (data centers, hosting, cloud, data networks, process architectures, etc.), Big Data platforms and applications, etc.

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