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Is your telecom network ready for any upcoming transformation?​

Facing the risk of major outage, the constant need for more bandwidth and higher network availability requires an exceptional operational support system. Incomplete insights in your operating system can lead to long service delivery lead times, high CAPEX and OPEX costs, inefficient planning, loss of assets and more.

Get back in full control with VC4’s telecom network planning and inventory software. The core of VC4-inventory management system (IMS) is network inventory management and asset management. IMS offers the capability of managing both active and passive networks. It can keep track of both physical and logical network data and manage the complete lifecycle of any telecommunications assets.


Simplify network planning with IMS’s workflow, Impact analysis, warehouse and spares management functionalities.

Users can plan future networks, such as new sites, new equipment and connections.

VC4-IMS benefits

  • One single truth for all physical and logical resources in the networks

  • Clear view of live network assets, its utilization and configuration

  • Automatic discovery and synchronization of live network, improved quality

  • Single point of failure calculation, preventing unexpected outages

  • Automatic planned work impact analysis

  • Smart Sales – sell close to networks

  • Lease line management, save costs by checking invoices

  • Plan new network build just ahead of demand curve, improve capacity planning

  • Quicker time to repair, improved “trouble to resolve” processes

  • Optimized processes with IMS workflow

  • Vendor management, manage KPI’s and improve SLA’s

  • Linked to BSS/OSS systems, reduce double keying and data pollution

  • Support efficient day to day network operations

IMS results

Scattered data sources no longer exist, just one single source of truth. Rely on geographical, physical and logical network data in just one single system. Our telecom inventory software helps your business to improve the services it offers by allowing staff to complete everyday tasks faster than before and in a much smarter way.

VC4-IMS has a strong off-the-shelf offering, thus reducing customization costs. The inventory network management software enables you to increase revenues and expand margins while reducing risks, OPEX and CAPEX costs.

VC4 telecom network planning and inventory system is a proven solution in telecom networks with over 20 references worldwide, including international telecom operators BT, Orange and Telxius (Telefonica International).

Get in full control

Take your strategy, operations and results forward today.

Reviewer Name

Reviewer Name, BT -

We started to use the IMS Application (VC4’s Inventory & Management System) in 2004. VC4 adapted at that time the application to our needs. VC4 understands our needs as a customer and gives us the required support. They bring passion and experience in their work, they are open for new ideas and challenges. We can highly recommend them.

Reviewer Name

Reviewer Name, Mobily -

The Network Inventory System IMS, including the on-going support from VC4 has been a major success factor in successfully operating our network and our services today. The solution supports us to retain our high customer satisfaction. I can confidently recommend VC4 B.V. as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.

Reviewer Name

Reviewer Name, Analysys Mason -

Be a one-stop shop for software to run a modern CSP engineering centre, providing not only a fully integrated “provisioning stack” of order management, inventory, activation, and discovery, but also other functions needed in an engineering centre.

Reviewer Name

Reviewer Name, GB connecting the World to the Gulf -

Our team evaluated the OSS and network management solutions on the market today from the leading best-in-breed OSS solution providers. Our goal with this selection was to find the most comprehensive and innovative solution built on the latest technologies to allow us to deploy quickly and provide outstanding service and response times to our customers.

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