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IMS – VC4’s telecom OSS Application for network inventory management

IMS: VC4's OSS solution for the telecoms industry

We at VC4 have developed this telecom network software to help to enhance business productivity and reduce OPEX and CAPEX costs, while making working life easier for staff.As the owner of IMS, we are dedicated to maintaining the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we have a highly-telecom-experienced team on hand to answer any questions you may have about IMS.

More about the IMS Software.....

What can VC4's IMS be used for?

IMS is an Operations Support System (OSS), with multi-user-friendly facilities to enable telecom service providers to register and manage a range of networks and platforms quickly and effectively at the same time. The telecom inventory system can help your business to improve the services it offers by allowing staff to complete everyday tasks faster than before and in a much smarter way. Using the IMS telecoms network software can also result in significant cost savings for a business, allowing money to be invested elsewhere instead.

What are the benefits of using VC4's IMS?

    • A complete and accurate asset overview
    • It is platform and vendor independent
    • Perform daily tasks faster and smarter, resulting in shorter lead times
    • Optimized network capacity management
    • Significant cost savings

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  • …….The Network Inventory System IMS, including the on-going support from VC4 has been a major success factor in successfully operating our network and our services today. The solution supports us to retain our high customer satisfaction. I can confidently recommend VC4 B.V. as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field…….


  • …….Be a one-stop shop for software to run a modern CSP engineering centre, providing not only a fully integrated “provisioning stack” of order management, inventory, activation, and discovery, but also other functions needed in an engineering centre……

    Analysys Mason

  • ……our team evaluated the OSS and network management solutions on the market today from the leading best-in-breed OSS solution providers. Our goal with this selection was to find the most comprehensive and innovative solution built on the latest technologies to allow us to deploy quickly and provide outstanding service and response times to our customers……

    GBI connecting the World to the Gulf

Office of VC4 in The Netherlands

How can IMS from VC4 help my business?

IMS can be used by staff in a number of different roles within an organisation, including field, design, configuration and planned work engineers, as well as site managers, capacity planners and employees in your network operations centre.


The ability for a variety of departments to have access to the telecom tool at any one time means its different functions can be utilised simultaneously, allowing for enhanced business productivity.


As it has been designed by workers from within the telecoms industry for others in the same field, the Inventory & Management System is highly sympathetic to the needs of its users.


You can read more about the many benefits of IMS here, but if you would like even more information, please contact us at sales@vc4.com or on +31 72 5621771 and we can send you further details about our OSS tool and the rest of the services we offer.

Our clients

BT Global is one of the main clients of VC4.
Mobily is also one of VC4's main clients.
Orange is the new client of VC4.
T-Mobile bought VC4's IMS in 2015.

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