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Is your telecom network ready for any upcoming transformation?​

Facing the risk of major outage, the constant need for more bandwidth and higher network availability requires an exceptional operational support system. Incomplete insights in your operating system can lead to long service delivery lead times, high CAPEX and OPEX costs, inefficient planning, loss of assets and more.

Get back in full control with VC4’s telecom network planning and inventory software. The core of VC4-inventory management system (IMS)  is network inventory management and asset management. IMS offers the capability of managing both active and passive networks. It can keep track of both physical and logical network data and manage the complete lifecycle of any telecommunications assets.


Simplify network planning with IMS’s workflow, Impact analysis, warehouse and spares management functionalities.

Users can plan future networks, such as new sites, new equipment and connections.

VC4-IMS benefits


IMS results

Scattered data sources no longer exist, just one single source of truth. Rely on geographical, physical and logical network data in just one single system. Our telecom inventory software helps your business to improve the services it offers by allowing staff to complete everyday tasks faster than before and in a much smarter way.

VC4-IMS has a strong off-the-shelf offering, thus reducing customization costs. The inventory network management software enables you to increase revenues and expand margins while reducing risks, OPEX and CAPEX costs.


VC4 telecom network planning and inventory system is a proven solution in telecom networks with over 20 references worldwide, including international telecom operators BT, Orange and Telxius (Telefonica International).


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