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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about VC4-IMS

Your questions answered

Have questions about VC4-IMS? Read through our responses to some common questions about functionality, system integration, data security and more.

If you have any more questions about VC4 or our products and services, please contact us via or +31 72 562 8114.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Your questions answered

Why choose VC4’s telecom network inventory system?

VC4-IMS is an Operation Support System (OSS) inventory management and planning system for the telecom industry. With intelligent functionalities, IMS supports every telecom organization in registering the variety of telecom networks and related processes.

Most telecom companies have multiple IT solutions for keeping track of their networks, network inventory, capacity management, workflow, order management, fault handling, warehouse & spare management, and vendor & contract management.

Working with IMS will help your organization to centralize the data, without the need to use multiple systems containing the same data. VC4-IMS can interface with NMS, EMS and NEs to ensure the data is up to date.

Investments in VC4 IMS have a high return on investment (ROI).

Does VC4 also serve smaller operators and enterprises?

Yes, VC4-IMS can be used by operators of any size, we already have a starter package for 3 concurrent users.

If I purchase VC4’s telecom network planning and inventory management solution, which products do I get?

VC4 has one product, IMS (Inventory Management System) that has various modules.

Customers can decide which modules they need, but they are all in the same product.

Can I purchase additional modules of VC4 Network Inventory Management later?

Yes, you can add any module you need based on your organizations needs and objectives. With our existing modules we have a solution to solve your telecom network inventory management challenges and planning through:

  • Network Planning and Inventory
  • GIS Module
  • Leased Line Module
  • IP Management Module
  • Telephone Number Management Module
  • Integration Module
  • Reporting & Dashboard Module
  • Order Management & Trouble Ticket Module
  • Impact Analysis Module
  • Warehouse & Spares Module

Who is the owner of the data in IMS?

The data in the VC4-IMS database is always the customer’s property.

How long does it take to implement IMS?

This is heavily dependent on the scope – which can include several data migrations and integrations.

VC4-IMS Starter in the cloud can already deliver within a month, whereas big implementations can take up to a year.

Most implementations (that includes some data migration, integrations, and training) can take between 6 months and 1 year.

Can I see a demo of VC4’s telecom inventory solution?

Yes of course! Please go to the contact page or book a demo and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Does VC4 give support on IMS?

Yes, we offer our clients maintenance services after the implementation project is finished.

Is IMS training available?

Yes, we provide different kind of training to our clients. These can be:

  • Basic training
  • Admin training
  • Customized training

Is there an option for a trial period?

VC4 offers the SaaS solution with a paid trial period with no obligation to migrate at the end. The choice is yours. The trial period is 3 months with support, data migration and training for a smooth transition to an operational IMS solution.

Does VC4 support customers globally?

VC4 has international teams operating in different regions globally. VC4 supports the customer directly or through partners.

Does VC4 offer proof-of-concept?

Yes, this is done in consultation with VC4.

What kind of networks does VC4’s network planning and inventory solution support?

VC4-IMS is technology agnostic, meaning any telecom technology is supported.

Some examples, but not limited to:

WDM/OTN, MPLS, IP, Core fiber, FTTH/GPON, DSL, Mobile Core, Mobile RAN (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G), Microwave, WIFI, VSAT, Subsea cables, SDH, SONET, Voice, VoIP, DCN, Sync.

What kind of modules are available in VC4 telecom network planning system and inventory management system?

  • Network Planning and Inventory
  • GIS Module
  • Leased Line Module
  • IP Management Module
  • Telephone Number Management Module
  • Integration Module
  • Reporting & Dashboard Module
  • Order Management & Trouble Ticket Module
  • Impact Analysis Module
  • Warehouse & Spares Module

What kind of equipment does VC4’s telecom network planning and inventory system support?

VC4-IMS is a multiple network / vendor inventory and not restricted to one type of network. The software is completely vendor and network platform independent.

Examples include, but are not limited to: MPLS/IP, WDM/OTN, Fiber, GPON, Ethernet, Mobile Core, Backhaul and RAN (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G), SDH/SONET, Microwave, Broadcasting, Subsea cable, WIFI, VSAT, ATM, Voice, DCN and Synchronisation.

Users with appropriate permissions can model equipment with the correct slots, sub-slots, cards and ports. There’s no need for a new IMS software version for a new network or network vendor.

Does VC4’s network inventory management system support the processes in my organization?

VC4-IMS supports any process related to the network; some examples include:

  • Service Delivery
  • Fiber roll-out
  • Network design and build
  • Planned Works / scheduled network maintenance
  • Fault Handling
  • Warehouse / supply chain processes
  • New site acquisition

Does VC4 offer Telecom GIS function?

Yes, VC4 Inventory Management System (IMS) has a sophisticated telecom GIS module, so that you can manage all fiber and copper networks plus all active network layers, including full (physical and logical) network topology.

It enables powerful functions such as impact analysis (e.g., which customer services are impacted when fiber breaks), Single Point of Failure calculations and more!

Does the system require configuration or customization before going live?

The VC4-IMS solution is a COTS solution, which means that implementing an operational IMS is a matter of weeks in the case of an on-premise implementation and for the SaaS solution, a matter of days. After implementation it is a matter of loading the data in IMS and the IMS functionalities are unlocked.

In addition, VC4-IMS is an off the shelf solution, which is also configurable to your business and even individual user needs.

What is VC4’s offer with the SaaS solution?

With the VC4-IMS solution, VC4 offers a fully hosted and managed solution which includes maintenance and support, bug fixes and new feature releases.

Does VC4 have experience migrating data from existing/legacy systems into your solution?

The VC4 team has experience with replacing the different commercial products in the market, home grown tools and even Excel, including migrating and mapping the data in the VC4-IMS solution.

In case of SaaS where will my network inventory data be stored?

The VC4-IMS cloud solution regions are globally distributed data centers that provide secure, high-performance, local environments. Businesses can move, build, and run all workloads on VC4 -IMS cloud infrastructure while complying with regional data regulations.

Available in more than 40 regions, 22 countries and with dual regions in 10 countries – and still growing.

Where is the IMS data stored?

The VC4-IMS data will be stored in the database, stored in the cloud, or in your premises, depending on your choice.

Is VC4’s telecom network inventory solution web-based or based on a thick-client application?

VC4-IMS is fully web-based and can be opened via every modern browser.

Is VC4’s network inventory management solution installed on-prem or in the cloud?

We offer different options:

  • SaaS in our cloud environment
  • SaaS in customer’s cloud environment
  • Traditional implementation on customer premises

How are the permissions organized in VC4’s Network Planning and Inventory Management system?

Permissions are set per user-group. One VC4-IMS user may belong to one or more user-groups. Different user-groups can be defined, such as:

  • Read-only
  • Equipment build
  • Connection build
  • Administrator
  • Finance
  • etc.

Does VC4’s telecom network inventory in the cloud (SaaS) offer the same functionality as on-premise installations?

Yes, the same modules and functionalities are available.

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