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IMS: Network inventory management solution

Flexible. Modular. Consolidated.

VC4-IMS is a complete, off-the-shelf, configurable, intelligent inventory management system.

We bring logical, physical, virtual and service elements together at one glance. Unlock new levels of performance, with VC4-IMS, a unique solution to the common day-to-day challenges in telecom today.

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The single source of truth for your network

VC4-IMS manages data for any network infrastructure and topology and provides an end-to-end view of your multi-vendor networks.

It provides accurate data to support your business and operational units – accelerating maintenance and support, and helping you plan more effectively.

Consolidate your network inventory and asset data accurately and consistently, using a selection of 10 modules and extensions, for building optimal operations and service delivery within your market.

Node core inventory screen

VC4-IMS Modules
Modular, scalable OSS business tool

Inventory Module

The inventory module of VC4-IMS captures all assets – physical, logical, virtual, and service and then maps these to the physical network, delivering a rich, interactive view.

  • Physical inventory
  • Logical & virtual inventory
  • Service inventory
  • Planning
  • Capacity

GIS Module

A complete geographical view of your networks, enabling accurate planning and operations.

  • Clear geographical view of all network assets
  • GIS functions to plan and operate fiber and copper networks
  • Direct relationship physical to logical connections and services

Leased Line Module

Bringing together all leased connections, including leased capacity from other operators. This is backed by financial reporting and analysis.

  • Complete view of leased line connections
  • Related leased line and your own network inventory objects
  • A consolidated commercial information register 
  • Eliminate redundant leased lines
  • Automated invoice checks

IP Management Module

Manage and discover all IP addresses (IPv4 /IPv6) for registration and assignment.

  • IP ranges
  • Reservations
  • IP automatic subnet calculation
  • Auto discovery of IP addresses from live networks

Telephone Number Module

Manage all geo and non-geo numbers, in alignment with inventory objects.

  • Supports all countries telephone numbering systems
  • Supports telephone numbering porting
  • Clear reporting functionality and configuration for local authorities
  • Auto discovery telephone numbers from live networks

Integration Module

A unified set of processes to ensure that data is updated, with integration to all associated systems from the OSS and BSS.

  • Integration with multi-vendor elements
  • NMS / EMS interfaces for network auto discovery and reconciliation
  • BSS / OSS RESTful APIs
  • Activation and change / status tracking
  • Performance management interfaces

Reporting & Dashboard Module

A complete toolkit to create scheduled and custom reports, based on clear, interactive visualization, and with automated scheduling options.

  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Custom reports and templates
  • Schedule and distribute

Order & Trouble Ticket Module

The purpose of the IMS order management functionality is to automate, validate and secure the processes during the lifecycle of the network.

  • Order and service delivery management
  • Trouble ticket management
  • Process is configurable allowing a customized workflow
  • Custom reports and templates

Impact Analysis Module

Detect, track and inform customers or network operations on the impact of planned and unplanned outages.

  • Planned work
  • Fault impact analysis
  • Single Points of Failure
  • Inform customers in a consistent way

Warehouse & Spares Module

Efficiently process all transactions and meet delivery targets, with complete cost control to accelerate service rollout and fault handling.

  • Warehouse and stock
  • Spares management
  • Purchase order management
  • Finance and asset management
  • Invoice and payment control

VC4-IMS Overview

Explore the next generation of network inventory management solutions

What our customers say

VC4-IMS is field proven and trusted by leading organisations

BT logo

“VC4 understands our needs and gives us the required support. They bring passion and experience in their work, they are open for new ideas and challenges. We highly recommend VC4.”

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“During the pandemic, we received many new service requirements – we achieved them all. We didn’t miss a thing. IMS from VC4 helped us to achieve that.”

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“VC4-IMS is a major factor in the operation of our network and services. It allows us to deliver high customer satisfaction. We strongly recommend VC4 as experts in their field.”

RedIRIS logo

“VC4 was the company that better met our requirements in terms of quality and price. Our relationship has been very fruitful…their platform adds extraordinary value.”

SURFnet logo

“The coverage of all network layers (Fiber KML up to L2/L3 services) and creating trouble tickets makes VC4-IMS a fundamental part of our network administration and NOC activities.”


“With their experience in the NREN community, VC4-IMS was strategic for the success of GÉANT. GÉANT was able to benefit from the standard offering of VC4-IMS with minor customisations.”


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