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Leased Line Module
Efficient leased line management

The Leased Line module enables efficient management of existing and new leased line connections, backed by accounting and audit capabilities.

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A single, comprehensive view of all your leased lines

The leased lines you rent from other operators enable you to extend capacity and build new connections. However, costs can rapidly grow, which creates operational challenges. The Leased Line module provides an automated management solution that delivers a unified, comprehensive view of all your leased lines and their costs.

Understand all relationships and commitments

The Leased Line module shows all your leased lines and their relationships to other assets. It allows you to view the provider and to align with your routes. With contract and invoice information, you can check commitments and SLAs.

  • A complete record of all leased lines and their providers
  • Clear relationship between leased lines and other network inventory objects
  • Contracts, financial details, invoices, and SLAs
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Eliminate over-capacity and plan efficiently

Unused leased lines are a huge problem in leased line management. The Leased Line module enables you to check which lines are used and which are not, allowing you to audit and control expenditure. When changes are necessary, easily see which are affected.

  • Align leased line inventory with financial tools
  • Track and manage capacity to avoid waste
  • Reduce and optimize costs
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Integrate with workflows and ticket management

The Leased Line module can be integrated with others, such as the Workflow and Order and Trouble Ticket Management modules, or third-party solutions, simplifying planning, tracking SLA performance, and verifying costs – synchronizing finance and operational activities.

  • Rapid ROI and payback – typically, less than one year
  • Invoice audit and validation to support finance teams
  • Eliminate redundancy and streamline connectivity
  • Track work orders, changes, and their financial impact

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