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Railway Networks
Inventory, planning and documentation

Take control of all your network assets and resources to drive transformation and efficient operations

Achieving operational efficiency with complex networks that span multiple generations of technology is a difficult task.

Railway networks are part of critical national infrastructure and subject to stringent safety and performance requirements. Communications is essential, spanning signaling, remote monitoring sensors, trackside, and cab connectivity and more.

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Trusted by:

  • Vodafone
  • Asiacell
  • Lumos
  • Lumos
  • BT
  • Telenor
  • Telefonica
  • Telecom Egypt
  • Orange
  • Géant
  • BC Hydro
  • Granite

  • National Grid
  • Open Fiber
  • TPX Communications
  • Telxius
  • UGG
  • Ella Link
  • Lineox
  • Red Iris
  • Surf Net

Safely evolve your communications for passenger and freight services

Supporting the real-time picture of your network you need to ensure safe operations, while transitioning to new technologies, demands accurate network planning and documentation – a comprehensive inventory solution that can extend to all network domains and grow with your networks.

A single view of all assets and infrastructure

VC4-IMS provides a complete solution, supporting your critical communications infrastructure, from signaling to traffic management and communication-based train control – regardless of the infrastructure and assets involved.

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Ready for next gen OTN/ WDM and more

Ready for the next generation of OTN / WDM, as well as MPLS, FRMCS and ERTMS, VC4-IMS provides a rich, user-friendly interface, backed by APIs for integration with external systems and all legacy networks and infrastructure.

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Manage your entire infrastructure from a single interface

It gives you a consolidated view of all your assets, enabling you to easily extend your network and built new connections, activate new services and manage your infrastructure – from a single interface, that’s designed to boost efficiency and reduce time to service.

  • Current, legacy and future network infrastructure planning and management

  • Ensure correct dimensioning and capacity to meet all requirements

  • Correlate physical with logical, virtual, and service resources

  • Integrated impact assessment for accurate change management

All rail communications networks covered

Legacy TDM to next gen optical WDM/OTN, as well as MPLS, GSM-R, FMRCS. VC4-IMS covers all use cases

Correlate with GIS data for location visibility

Understand the location of all assets, with full geo-positioning, based on different sources of geographic data

Understand network and service dependencies

Secure a complete picture of your network and how every physical, logical, virtual, and service assets are connected

Plan and design network enhancements

Optimize planning, evolution and maintenance for telecoms infrastructure and railway signaling operations

Standard & proprietary interface support

REST, CORBA, ONF T-API, MTOSI, TL1, SNMP and more, providing comprehensive connectivity

Workflow, ticket, and order management

Integrate with existing systems, or use dedicated IMS functionality for efficient task and process flows

Consistent, reliable, accurate and up to date

A unique, automated reconciliation process tracks network and equipment changes, ensuring accuracy

Integrate and share key data

APIs enable inventory and asset data to be shared with other business processes, boosting automation

Warehouse and asset management

Manage and track all your assets (in the live network and warehouses), material costs, and depreciation in one tool

Planned work and impact analysis

Take control of planned work, with automated impact analysis, efficient customer communication and more

VC4-IMS Overview

Explore the next generation of network inventory
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