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Reporting & Dashboard Module
OSS performance analytics to enhance operations

The reporting & dashboard module gives you in-depth OSS performance analytics, putting insights at your fingertips and to share with your teams.

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A single view and workspace for your team

The reporting & dashboard module provides rich reporting functionality, as well as an intuitive dashboard for organizing your activities. It delivers key OSS insights and analytics to enhance performance, putting rich business intelligence in your hands, so you can share it with your team.

Create custom reports for your business

Your team can see at-a-glance the status of all inventory resources, across physical, logical, virtual, and service domains. Use report templates or customize to suit your needs. Authorized users can create and adapt processes, define and allocate tasks, and more.

  • Design, build and modify reports to suit your requirements
  • Select the fields and data input sources you need for your network
  • Control access and visibility rights for user and group admission
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Capture rich insights and boost planning

Insights are essential to drive continuous performance enhancement. The reporting & dashboard module gives you the information and data you need to drive operational efficiency and to enhance your network investments and planning activities.

  • Review status and compare historical activity to track performance
  • Flexible, graphical displays for KPIs and rich visualization
  • Create, schedule, and auto-distribute reports to custom recipient lists
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Enhance business performance

Use any data input to drive insights for your team – and create reports for different functions and departments, covering IT, operations, finance, and more. Easily integrate reports into other systems and business tools.

  • Deliver sustained performance excellence with laser-focus on data
  • Track and accelerate service delivery with reporting on planned works
  • Create alerts and triggers from reports for proactive operations
  • Supports budgeting, forecasting, invoicing, and revenue assurance

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