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Inventory Module
Telecom network inventory management for multi-vendor networks

Telecom network inventory management is essential to deliver the complete, end-to-end view of your network and assets you need for efficient operations

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Manage all your networks and platforms in a single system

The inventory management module enables you to retire legacy approaches and migrate to a single platform in which all platforms, assets and vendors can be registered – giving you a single source of truth and complete control. It enables you to enhance services, reducing risk, operational expenditure and capital expenditure.

Physical inventory

The inventory management module contains all physical resources used to build your network and connectivity paths. All assets are recorded, creating a complete record of components – including sites, floorplans, racks, active/passive equipment, connections – in a single view.

  • Circuits, connections, and cables, including outside plant (GIS)
  • Floor plans, racks, DDF/ODF, power and more
  • Network devices, infrastructure, and assets
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Logical inventory

By combining the view of service and physical inventory, the logical view of all customer services is provided, highlighting end-to-end connections – including logical connections, virtual equipment, logical resources/parameters, and more.

  • End-to-end representation of logical services and the assets they use
  • Accurate correlation and visualization
  • Explore services and check resource allocation / availability
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Service inventory

The inventory management module provides a complete, interactive record of all services that are delivered to customers and available for further sales activities. The portfolio of services is listed by type, activation, availability and more, providing rich insights.

  • Discover new opportunities and target offers
  • Generate accurate reports and track performance
  • Understand relationships between services and required assets
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Network planning, change and capacity management

The telecom network inventory management module enables users to design and plan updates before delivery, covering the status of each asset required. Use with the VC4 Workflow module or integrated with third-party systems, across the complete network lifecycle.

  • Automatic connection configuration
  • Site and equipment templates
  • Instantly understand available and required capacity
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Understand network costs

The telecom network inventory management module includes automated cost analysis functions, backed by rules. This allows operators to use criteria, such as the shortest path, fewest hops, or lowest cost to understand network costs from different perspectives.

  • Optimize designs to meet financial goals
  • Create rules aligned with your business
  • Enable automated workflow management
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Network location management

Understand and manage all network locations, with clear geographic information about each site and its hierarchy – from countries to cities and buildings, all the way to the floor plans. It takes telecom network inventory management to the next level.

  • A complete digital twin of your network
  • Cabinets, racks, DDF/ODF and more
  • Customize to your needs
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And vendor, any tech, and any platform

The Inventory Module supports any type and generation of network technology, from any vendor – providing support for hybrid and evolving networks. Integrated discovery and reconciliation processes ensure your data remains accurate and up to date.

  • Fiber, broadband, sub-sea, satellite, mobile
  • WDM/OTN, MPLS/IP, Fiber, FTTH/GPON, Mobile RAN and Core, Microwave, Voice/VoIP, legacy networks and many more
  • Clear view of live network assets, their utilization and configuration
  • Automatic discovery and synchronization of the live network

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