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IP Management Module
IP address management in telecoms

The IP Management module enables efficient creation and management of IP address ranges and addresses, supporting both IPv4 and IPv6, resolving conflicts and ensuring effective allocation.

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Manage all ranges, sub-ranges, individual IP addresses and domains

IP addresses are essential for the identification of resources in a telecoms network. With an expanding footprint of solutions, terminals and devices, effective IP address management (IPAM) at every level has become critical. The IP Management Module simplifies this, backed by automated processes and accurate mapping between equipment and addresses.

Automatically maintain accurate IP address data

The IP Management module enables network administrators to automate the task of maintaining an accurate, up-to-date record of all IP addresses in the network and the equipment to which they are assigned.

  • Easily create IP ranges, sub ranges and sub-sub ranges
  • Identify in-use and unassigned IP addresses and eliminate conflicts
  • Manage addresses for equipment, ports, cards, connections, and more
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Bulk upload and import, with complete control

Import new IP addresses in bulk through the GUI or via the Bulkloader by uploading a spreadsheet, covering multiple layers and the complete address hierarchy – subnets, subnets within subnets, and more.

  • Create IP address ranges and sub-ranges, for all domains
  • Assign IP addresses to equipment, ports and connections/services
  • Filter and view all allocations, and modify at any level – ranges, IPs, subnets and more
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Auto discover IP address from live networks

VC4-IMS integrates with live networks, discovering and synchronizing IP addresses with those in the IP Management module, ensuring that the inventory record remains updated, with full correlation to the equipment concerned.

  • A complete record of all IP addresses
  • Efficient management via comprehensive GUI
  • Aligned with all inventory records
  • Accurate and updated via automated processes

VC4-IMS Overview

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