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A complete solution for your industry

VC4-IMS extends to any network, helping you to plan, build and operate complex infrastructure.

Whether you are serving customers, connected devices, wholesale and transport solutions, you need a comprehensive network inventory and asset management solution.

VC4-IMS is an integrated solution, covering the complete OSS stack. It helps you to manage your networks efficiently and cost-effectively, supporting the full lifecycle – planning, build and operations.

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Supporting your optimization journey

Consolidate data silos into a single network inventory management solution that’s optimized for operations. Spanning physical, logical, virtual and services, VC4-IMS supports transformation and  automation, unlocking big data.

IMS helps you to discover insights that drive performance enhancement – providing new opportunities to enhance KPIs and to boost your business. It helps you accelerate service delivery and network evolution, reducing costs and offering deep integration with business processes.


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Effectively manage distributed networks

Enterprises, institutions and educational establishments run distributed networks with fiber and leased / private line assets. Communications and IT solutions are equally spread, with SLAs and users to manage.

Accurate, agile inventory management is essential for the smooth operation and evolution of private networks, enabling enterprises to build out new infrastructure, deliver the required services, and meet SLA requirements, efficiently, with a single consolidated inventory.


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A single source of truth for complex, regulated networks

Utility networks form critical, national infrastructure, yet are often composed of a mix of technology, spanning different generations. They consist of scattered assets, an increasingly complex array of fiber and other connections, as well as endpoints, such as remote sensors and smart meters.

Tracking KPIs, upgrades and new infrastructure requires a unified approacha single source of truth to understand relationships, optimize reporting, and to meet the demands of smart grids and extreme weather events.



Inventory management for critical infrastructure

Railway operators build critical national network infrastructure, for communications and signaling. These include legacy interfaces and devices, solutions, such as GSM-R (Eirene) and FRMCS, and everything from the station clock to the most complex operational systems.

The efficient operation of all assets and the smooth deployment of new connections and systems, across the national footprint and the rolling stock, demands a single source of inventory data that eliminates silos and supports transformation goals.

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What our customers say

VC4-IMS is field proven and trusted by leading organisations

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"VC4 understands our needs and gives us the required support. They bring passion and experience in their work, they are open for new ideas and challenges. We highly recommend VC4.”

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“During the pandemic, we received many new service requirements – we achieved them all. We didn’t miss a thing. IMS from VC4 helped us to achieve that.”

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"VC4-IMS is a major factor in the operation of our network and services. It allows us to deliver high customer satisfaction. We strongly recommend VC4 as experts in their field."


“VC4 was the company that better met our requirements in terms of quality and price. Our relationship has been very fruitful…their platform adds extraordinary value.”

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“The coverage of all network layers (Fiber KML up to L2/L3 services) and creating trouble tickets makes VC4-IMS a fundamental part of our network administration and NOC activities.”


“With their experience in the NREN community, VC4-IMS was strategic for the success of GÉANT. GÉANT was able to benefit from the standard offering of VC4-IMS with minor customisations.”