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Impact Analysis Module
Impact analysis for telecoms inventory management

The impact analysis module delivers clear insights for managing the effects of planned and unplanned works, network outages and issues.

Trusted by:

  • Vodafone
  • Asiacell
  • Lumos
  • Lumos
  • BT
  • Telenor
  • Telefonica
  • Telecom Egypt
  • Orange
  • Géant
  • BC Hydro
  • Granite

  • National Grid
  • Open Fiber
  • TPX Communications
  • Telxius
  • UGG
  • Ella Link
  • Lineox
  • Red Iris
  • Surf Net

Keep your customers updated to ensure optimum experiences

Understanding the impact of any outages and changes is crucial for assuring consistent customer experience. With the impact analysis module, you can understand which services and customers will be affected by any planned or unplanned change and issue, so you can inform and update them.

Analyze and understand the impact of changes

The impact analysis module enables IMS to calculate the effects of any planned changes or outages and to correlate these with network and customer services. This is based on the accurate, updated record of all inventory data, providing end-to-end, targeted insights.

  • Take control with proactive alerts, announcements, and updates
  • Share impact analyses via API with the CRM and relevant business systems
  • Pre-written and customizable notification templates
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Efficiently manage unplanned incidents and outages

When unexpected incidents occur, you need to be able to understand who’s affected, which network elements are impacted and to be able to pinpoint your response. The impact analysis module gives you all the information you need to make instant decisions.

  • Flexible outage process creation and optimization
  • Automated SLA and lead time management
  • Track and compare outages with KPIs and actual performance
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More than network change management

Included ‘out-of-the-box” with VC4-IMS, the impact assessment module goes far beyond classical change management systems. It’s completely integrated with the IMS workflows, allowing you to optimize and manage all business processes.

  • Fully correlated with network inventory data
  • Create, manage, and optimize business workflows
  • Rich visual reporting and dashboards
  • Complete audit trails for accurate change management

VC4-IMS Overview

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