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Warehouse & Spares Module
Telecoms warehouse and spares management

The warehouse & spares module is uniquely designed to track your network assets through serial numbers, providing real-time asset control and management.

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Telecom Egypt
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National Grid
Open Fiber
TPX Communications
Ella Link
Red Iris
Surf Net

Superior asset tracking and management

Backed by unique serial number identification and control, the warehouse & spares module tracks all telecoms assets in your warehouses, processing relevant transactions. It covers the entire lifecycle from ordering equipment from suppliers to installation and deployment, as well as decommissioning activities. Optimize stock and minimize costs.

Auto-discovery for ultra-reliability

Network reconciliation and discovery means that the network is routinely compared with the data in your inventory database. New active assets are registered, so that data sets are aligned for a consistent record.

  • Eliminate errors with automated discovery and live synchronization
  • Harmonized warehouse, workflow, and inventory management
  • Consistent, accurate stock and field availability records
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Easily differentiate between stock and spares

The warehouse & spares module natively understands the difference between stock (service delivery assets) and spares (fault handling assets), together with locations. This ensures supplies are tracked and managed for both fulfilment and fault handling tasks.

  • Easily understand material status with barcode tracking
  • BoMs and material templates for one-click ordering
  • Efficient asset allocation for customers and projects
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Assured financial control and management

The warehouse & spares module integrates with your financial systems and provides rich reporting to ensure complete financial control of your assets, across warehouse, inventory, and the live network. It delivers immediate understanding of asset values.

  • REST APIs for integration with all financial systems and workflows
  • Clear visibility of capacity, data quality, SLAs, KPIs and more
  • Export reports in common file formats, such as Excel, PDF, RTF, and Word
  • Enhance efficiency, improve reporting, and manage warehouse requirements

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