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Telephone Number Module
Telephone number management

The Telephone Number module enables operators to manage and assign telephone number ranges and individual numbers, and to associate them with objects stored in the inventory.

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National Grid
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Manage and track telephone number ranges, generate reports, and more

Telephone numbers continue to have a key role to play in identity and account management, for both fixed and mobile networks. The Telephone Number module provides a complete solution for effectively tracking and managing number resources, and for generating reports and discovering insights into network and user activities.

For any number format, including geo- and non-geographic numbers

The Telephone Number module supports any number format – E.164, geo- and non-geographic, as well as mobile MSIDNs. It correlates numbers to assets, such as circuits, customers, nodes, locations and more – providing an accurate record.

  • Manage ranges and individual numbers
  • Allocate and associate numbers with activation or usage
  • Freephone, premium, private with any country format and plan
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Auto-discover numbers from the live network

VC4-IMS integrates with live networks, discovering and synchronizing numbers with those managed in the Telephone Number module, ensuring accuracy – and assisting network planning. Create and manage ranges, sub-ranges, and more with granular control.

  • Support business and sales processes
  • Manage blocks, ranges, sub-ranges, sub-sub-ranges, and more
  • Filter, search and discover
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Bulk import for complete number management

Quickly and easily import batches of numbers, allocate and assign to partners and customers, with simple control and processing. Identify ported numbers (by OCN) and track expiry / activation dates.

  • Review status (assigned, reserved, aging, and more)
  • Ported from / to operator identities and indicators
  • Circuit and customer correlation
  • Alpha-numeric handling and compatibility

VC4-IMS Overview

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