Fast and error free data exchange with IMS interface

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When working with a variety of applications, it will be quite a challenge to keep an overview and maintain all processes as numerous systems cannot exchange data. What if your system is a platform of islands? Build bridges between applications and automate your processes.

VC4 IMS is designed to interface with other systems. It provides you with fast and accurate information. No longer at risk having service interruptions due to changes in one of the applications! Imagine your IMS automatically creates trouble tickets and performs impact analysis to identify the impacted services and customers. Simplify processes and implement service fulfilment.


  • 100% correct asset view of all active components

  • Stable and manageable system

  • Fast and error free data exchange

  • Reduction in the number of interfaces between your different software systems

  • Reduce the risk of a major outage due to changes in one of the applications

  • Reduction of maintenance and maintenance costs

Improve the information flow & shorten process lead times. Get a demo today! 

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Use the interfaces to get in full control and avoid outages.

Incomplete insights in your operating system can lead to long service delivery lead times, high CAPEX and OPEX costs, inefficient planning and lost assets. When integrating your systems, scattered data will be minimized.

VC4 IMS can interface with system, such as:
NMS, EMS and network elements (NEs)
BSS/OSS systems, such as:

  • CRM
  • Billing
  • Workflow/order management
  • Billing
  • Financial Asset
  • etc.

Network interfaces

VC4-IMS supports multiple types of NMS/EMS and NE interfaces. Some examples:

  • CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture)
  • RESTful based interfaces
  • TL1
  • Interfaces based on XML (Extensible Markup Language)
  • SNM
  • CLI/Telnet/SS
  • Flat files (txt, csv)
  • Vendor Proprietary interface
  • Database to database interfaces

The most common purpose of an interface to an NMS, EMS or NE’s is Network Reconciliation and Auto Discovery. IMS will take a snapshot of the NMS/EMS and NE data and compare this data with the data in the IMS database. This is normally performed once day, however this could run more or less frequent.

VC4-IMS can also be integrated to the network to do auto-provisioning (service fulfilment). That means the services will be planned in IMS first, then IMS pushes the information to the NMS/EMS or NE’s to build the services in the network.

Alarm management system interface
Use the alarm management system interfaces to receive and correlate alarms coming from your NMS/EMS or NE’s.
Push inventory data from VC4-IMS to the alarm management system.
IMS creates a trouble ticket automatically and performs impact analysis to identify the impacted services and customers. VC4-IMS will send the information back to de alarm management system.

CRM interface
Link customer information to inventory objects. Let your CRM start the workflow in IMS, once a customer wants a new service or change. Avoid unnecessary disruption and downtime! The interface takes over the work for you. You will save time, rely on accurate information and reduce maintenance costs.

Interface with financial systems
To keep all company’s assets and its related financial values up to date, it is most important to keep the network inventory, warehouse and financial system in sync. This may sound easy but is not always the case. Since many employees follow the path of least resistance, procedures may not be followed with the risk assets get lost.

Get control on your assets. Synchronize actual active network assets in VC4 IMS. This will assure 100% asset view of all active components!
The unique network reconciliation and auto discovery is the most powerful feature to keep control on your commodities, as it manages both active and passive equipment. It can keep track of both physical and logical network data, managing the complete lifecycle of any telecommunications assets.
By using serial numbers and/or barcode tracking, information can be retrieved from NMS/EMS/NE without the risk of causing service interruption.

Rely on fast and error free data exchange

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