Leased Line Management solution

Manage all your network platforms and vendors in 1 single system, with multiple BSS & OSS functionalities.

Including GIS, Workflow, Trouble Ticket Management, Leased Line Management, Impact Analysis, Single Point of Failure, Warehouse (Stocks and Spares), Auto Discovery and Network Reconciliation and Service Fulfilment.

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Manage complex leased lines contracts in one leased line management system and realize your ROI up to millions a year.

Many operators lease connections from other communication providers, so called leased lines. It is a relatively easy way to expand capacity where there is no own infrastructure. It is therefore logical and beneficial to opt in for this strategy and have hundreds up to thousands of leased connections.

The yearly costs of these contracts are high: up to millions of dollars per year. Reason enough to consider a solid lease line solution to manage your leased lines. Only than, you are able to avoid costs for redundant leased lines.
However, most operators perform a manual check every year or so. Our experience is that this is NOT working.

Realize your return on investment in 1 year


  • Save on recurring costs

  • Save on installation costs

  • Full control on processes

  • Overview of providers and related leased lines

  • Insight in contract and financial information

  • SLA management with vendors

  • Proven return on investment

Save time and get in control

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Features of the lease line management solution

Leased line information

All generic Leased line information accessible in one system. General attributes of the leased line, such as:

  • Name of leased line

  • Type of leased line (e.g. leased line, interconnect, telephone line)

  • Provider / Supplier

  • Bandwidth

  • Location A

  • Location B

  • Product (service name) of provider

  • Status

  • Distance

  • Overbooking factor

  • Creation date

  • Protocol

  • Demarcation point

  • Any additional information (customizable by IMS Admin users)

Relation leased lines and other inventory objects

Any leased line will have relations to other inventory objects. These relations can be used to find the network ports in your own network and check if the leased lines are still active. Assess whether contracts are still relevant.

Vendor / provider
A leased line will be leased from another communication service provider. The name of this provider (vendor) will be linked to the leased line.

Order numbers
Improve lead-times: easily track and manage work order and changes to leased lines. Each time something changes to leased lines, it should be done via a work order. VC4-IMS will be able to track each of such activities (new leased line, change bandwidth, cost changes, decommissioning, etc.) via the IMS Workflow. If there is an existing workflow system, IMS can interface with that system.

Network Circuit name
The leased line name will be the name used by the other service provider. However, this leased line will be part of your end-to-end service to your customer or network service. It is important to know to which (your) network connection the leased line is related. Manage this relation with IMS.

Every leased line will have a one-off cost (installation) and monthly / recurring costs. These costs will be managed under a contract. One contract can have multiple price components and generic contract and SLA information. See contract and financial information. Rely on up-to-date contracts, priced components, SLA info, etc.

Provider and vendor information

The leased line is supplied and leased by a communication service provider. Such a provider is managed as a vendor in VC4-IMS.

In case IMS workflow and IMS trouble ticket functionality are being used the agreed SLA’s can be checked with the actual SLA’s.

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  • Vendor type (leased line)

  • Related contracts

  • Contact persons + details

  • Connections leased from provider

  • Available Product names

  • SLA information

  • Special Arrangements

  • Escalation procedure

  • Any customizable field (can be done by Admin users)

Contract and financial information

Order leased lines and maintain contracts of your communication service provider. Of course, only visible by users with appropriate permissions.

Lease line contract information
(managing multiple leased lines):

  • Contract number

  • Contract type

  • Start date contract

  • End date contract

  • Renewal date contract

  • Parent contract

Lease line contract – financial information
(per leased line):

  • Speed / bandwidth

  • Product name

  • Leased Line provider

  • Related contact

  • Current price

  • Contract price

  • Currency

  • Recurrence type (one-off, monthly, quarterly, yearly)

  • Contract period

  • Start date

  • End date

  • CIR

  • COS type

Avoid unnecessary spend for expired leased lines

VC4-IMS software combines the network data, leased lines,
contract and financial information plus the needed workflow to control the processes.

Once you have data in this IMS, the data from networks can be checked with the data from finance.

Examples of invoice checks:

  • Leased lines mentioned on invoice – not in IMS

  • Leased lines mentioned on invoice – out of service in IMS

  • Leased lines mentioned on invoice – ready for cease in IMS

  • Leased lines mentioned on invoice – planned or ready for service in IMS

  • Leased lines in IMS – not on invoice

  • Leased lines with incorrect amount

  • Leased lines with incorrect currency

  • Leased lines mentioned on invoice with expired dates

Return on investment

When you have thousands of leased connections, the yearly costs are high. In case of 2000 leased lines, the average monthly cost of 500 USD, is $ 1Mio per month, $ 12 Mio per year. When your organization doesn’t have the processes up-to-date, it may forget to cease leased connections when your customer stops or moves a service or get another type of connection.

The most common reason for a failing process is that the networks department does not use the same tool as the finance people who are responsible for ordering the leased lines. So, when the network changes, the networks team considers the work to be completed when their network connection is gone or moved.

Imagine how much you pay for redundant leased lines when the process / workflow tool is not informing finance. Leased lines are still leased from the other operator. Most operators do a manual check every year or so. Our experience is that this is NOT working.

In this table we show you how much money you may be overpaying your leased line operators.

See your costs savings

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  • Save on recurring costs

  • Save on installation costs

  • Full control on processes

  • Overview of providers and related leased lines

  • Insights in contract and financial information

  • SLA management with vendors

  • Proven return on investment

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