Order management software

Minimize the time to market for new services.

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Lead to cash is one of the most complex and business critical processes in every company.

It spans marketing, sales, product development, delivery, finance, and supply chain departments. Multiple supporting systems are involved at different process stages.
Minimize the time to market for new services. Utilizing the workflow order management module results in

  • less order fall out in the order management process
  • faster service fulfillment
  • minimizing the amount of manual activities.

The purpose of the IMS order management functionality is to automate, validate and secure the data during the deployment lifecycle across all departments of an organization, from the customer order request to the service delivery.

Your organization will see greater efficiencies in order intake, supply chain activities, network planning and provisioning, activation of customer services, billing notification, and management of the complete lifecycle for complex product offerings.


  • Creation of orders (automatic)

  • Flexible order management process creation and optimization

  • Automating recurring tasks in the process from order intake to fulfilment

  • Automatic SLA / lead time management

  • Direct integration with up and downstream systems in the order lifecycle

  • Automatic tasks to queues

  • Report and dashboard functionality

Minimize your time to market for new services.

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