Telecom warehouse inventory management

The only WMS designed to track your network assets by network auto discovery and reconciliation using serial number tracking.


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The VC4 warehouse inventory management system (WMS) is designed to track your telecom materials by serial number tracking. Together with the network discovery and reconciliation functionality and integration with the financial asset system, it results in real-time asset control. You will find this unique feature nowhere else! Using this WMS, loss of expensive telco assets no longer occur.

The power of real-time data in your warehouse minimizes the time spent on every task, while providing cross checks for accuracy at every step.

The warehouse management (Stocks and Spares) functionality tracks the movement and storage of your telecom assets within a warehouse, while processing associated transactions, such as receiving, putting away and picking. It tracks the complete life cycle from ordering the materials at the equipment vendor to the installation in the network including decommissioning from network back to warehouse. Use the system to optimize stock levels and improve processes to minimize the costs.

Get back in control with our superior asset tracking mechanism

  • Synchronize network inventory with warehouse data and financial asset systems

  • Integrated workflow functionality to manage end-to-end processes, the complete life-cycle of all your assets

Warehouse inventory management has never been so reliable

Track your network assets by network auto discovery and reconciliation using serial number tracking.


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Unique features

  • Tracks serial numbers

  • Automatic Discovery and Network Reconciliation

  • Live synchronization with the networks

  • Integration with workflow and financial asset management

  • Interfaces with other systems

Network reconciliation and auto discovery

The unique network reconciliation and auto discovery is the most powerful feature to keep control on your commodities.

Imagine, you will have no loss of expensive assets anymore!

The system compares your NMS/EMS and NE network data with the data in your inventory database. The feature provides auto discovery and registers any new active material, even it may not have followed the correct process.

Warehouse, workflow and inventory management are embedded in the same system. Automatic synchronization of asset data between finance and technical departments results in consistency between equipment storage details and availability in the field. Field service personnel can trust on reliable information which is, in turn, crucial for effective network operations.


  • Efficient and accurate material tracking

  • Reduces loss of assets

  • Improves overall warehouse efficiency, reducing labor costs

  • Reduce warehouse stock levels

  • Increases shipping accuracy

  • Correct financial asset values

  • Decreases the volume and costs of warehouse space

The warehouse inventory management system is designed to understand the difference between a stock (Service Delivery) and a spares (Fault Handling) location. An important feature, as network materials used for spares in the fault-handling process may not be used by the service delivery process and vice versa.

Below a flow diagram how assets are being tracked with the different statuses.

The warehouse inventory management system involves all material information and tracking, like:

  • Material status and actions e.g. in stock, ordered, to be returned, defect etc.
  • Barcode generation and tracking
  • Material lists ordered at suppliers, in store, warehouse etc.
  • Material templates to order group of materials in one click
  • Purchase order and related material order list
  • Allocate equipment for customer or network projects
  • Cable management
  • Spares management

Reports and dashboard
Reports and dashboards support you to create clear insight information on capacity, data quality, workflow orders and processes, SLA and KPI, asset tracking, etcetera. All report and dashboards can be exported to different file types such as excel, PDF, docx, image, RTF.

Interface to other systems
The VC4 warehouse inventory management system supports multiple types of interfaces to other systems and software applications, such as network management systems and network elements, workflow, financial asset management. Interfaces to your own applications can be created as well. We provide standard webservice API’s based on restful and SOAP XML. Contact us for more info on types of interfaces.

Interface between IMS and financial systems
To keep all the companies assets and its related financial values up to date, it is most important to keep the network inventory, warehouse and financial systems in sync. This may sound easy, but is not always the case. Since many employees follow the path of least resistance, procedures may not be followed all the time and assets get lost. With VC4 warehouse inventory management, you really have full control on your assets.

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