Trouble ticket system

Keep track of customer issues, network and IT related incidents. Easily manage the process and solve incidents on time. Direct relation between incidents and the network inventory data enables automatic impact calculation. Easily finetuning of your workflow processes to your current fault processes.


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Trouble ticket software

Detect, track, report and resolve tickets from customers or network operators with user friendly trouble ticket system. Direct relation between Trouble Tickets and up-to-date network inventory data. Different departments – like customer support and network operations centers – are able to keep track of customer and network incidents by creating, updating and resolving any problems that have been detected or reported.

The integrated impact calculation helps to quickly determine the impact on customer services. Network Engineers and Customer Service have directly insight which trouble ticket needs their immediate attention. Smart automations help them do just that, with automatic ticket prioritization according to time left or status.

VC4-IMS Trouble Ticket functionality is not “just” a trouble ticket system. It is integrated with the workflow functionality and enables you to manage the process and solve the incidents in time. Easily finetuning of your workflow processes to your current fault processes. It can be optimized by your organization any time. Because Trouble Tickets, Workflow and network inventory are all in the same system, it enables automatic customer service impact analysis, which is a standard feature in the application. Prioritize with the automatic impact calculation.


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  • Creation of Trouble Tickets

  • Flexible fault management process creation and optimization

  • Automatic impact calculation

  • Direct integration with network inventory

  • Automatic SLA / lead time management

  • Main and sub tasks

  • Serial and parallel work streams

  • Automatic tasks to queues

  • Report and dashboard functionality

Read more about the workflow functionalities on our workflow page.

Trouble ticket management has never been so intuitive.

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