Network Interconnects (NNI)

Network Interconnect (NNI) Information Management

An network interconnect (NNI)  in IMS is a connection that is owned by two parties, for example voice interconnects to route international calls.
Another example could be a STM1 interconnect used to bring 2MB, 34MB connections to customers via another operator.

Network Interconnects (NNI) - Example of a Interconnect
Example of a Interconnect

Interconnects to other networks can be managed from one page.

Network Interconnects (NNI) in IMS

IMS gives a quick overview of all network interconnects (NNI) or just the interconnect to a specific network or telecom provider, including the available capacity per interconnect. An example screen is shown below.

Network Interconnects - Capacity per interconnect
Capacity per interconnect

Information captured and managed

  • The interconnect name;
  • Status of the interconnect;
  • Name of the domain the interconnect belongs to;
  • Product code/service related to the interconnect;
  • Name of the interconnect used by the other service provider;
  • Used/occupied capacity in the interconnect;
  • Name of the service provider of the other end of the interconnect;
  • A-end and Z-end, node + port details of the interconnect.

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