Warehouse, Stocks and Spares

Telecom warehouse management system in VC4’s IMS

The warehouse management (Stocks and Spares) functionality within the VC4-IMS system is designed to control (track) the movement and storage of materials (your telecom assets) within a warehouse, while processing associated transactions, such as receiving, putting away and picking. It tracks the complete life cycle from ordering the materials at the equipment vendor to the installation in the network including decommissioning from network back to warehouse.

In addition, this functionality can optimize stock levels and improve processes to minimize the costs.
Together with the Network Reconciliation functionality (synchronizing with the actual networks) our VC4-IMS really helps operators keeping track of their assets.

The benefits of using IMS for telecom warehouse management include:

  • Improving overall warehouse efficiency, thereby reducing labour costs
  • Reducing inventory stocking level requirements
  • Increasing shipping accuracy
  • Enabling efficient and accurate material tracking
  • Decreasing the volume and cost of warehouse space
  • Live synchronization with the networks
  • Improved logistics processes by having the Warehouse, Workflow and Inventory Management embedded in the same system
  • Improved asset tracking by having VC4-IMS integrated with your financial ERP system

Each stock/warehouse and spares location has a unique name in the IMS database. The system understands the difference between a stock (Service Delivery) and a spares (Fault Handling) location. This is because network materials used for spares in the fault-handling process may not be used by the service delivery process and vice versa.

Below a flow diagram how assets are being tracked with the different statuses.


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