Trouble Ticket Fault Management

Trouble Ticket Functionality

Thanks to its trouble ticket fault management functionality, the Inventory & Management System (IMS) from VC4 can be used to manage and maintain lists of problems in either active or passive networks.

This feature means different departments at an organization – like client support and network operations centers – are able to keep track of customer issues by creating, updating and resolving any problems that have been reported.

Tickets can be created in two ways: either automatically via an interface to an alarm management system, or by an individual IMS user.

Each of these tickets carries a unique number alongside details about the specific problem, any information about actions taken by a department trying to tackle the problem, and other general matters like severity and status.

Trouble Ticket Impact calculation

Users can carry out a direct impact assessment for each problem affecting a network thanks to the full integration of trouble ticket functionality into the IMS application.

IMS is able to calculate the range of services and number of customers affected by a given issue. All of this information – plus details of cards, connections and equipment – is then listed on the relevant trouble ticket.

The customer form within the IMS displays any trouble tickets related to a given client.

Trouble Ticket Fault Management

The workflow/order management system makes it easy to manage the process of solving a network problem.

For each type of issue – such as fiber cuts, replacing defective cards and power outages – a process can be created with all related departments. Standard lead times can also be registered, ensuring that network, customer and vendor service-level agreements can be managed effectively.

Click here to find out about the complete workflow management functionality.

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