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Network Auto Discovery and Reconciliation

The bedrock of effective network inventory management. Download the whitepaper today!

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Achieve operational success with Automation, Accuracy and Clarity

In this whitepaper you will learn about why Network Auto Discovery and Reconciliation is important for network design and build. It’s important for operators and their  operational teams, to keep ahead of any changes in the network, both physical, logical and virtual and for these records to be accurate.

You will also gain insight about the number of specific steps that are involved in the reconciliation process including:

  • Discovery & Reconciliation
  • Automatic Reconciliation
  • Equipment Discovery
  • Port Discovery
  • Physical Connection Discovery
  • Logical Connection and Service Discovery
  • And other Network Objects

Download the Network Auto Discovery and Reconciliation Whitepaper today and get valuable knowledge about this automated process.

Download the Whitepaper

Network Auto Discovery and Reconciliation2

VC4-IMS: Built for Next-Gen Technology

Supporting any generation of technology, VC4-IMS helps operators to plan new investments more efficiently and seamlessly integrate operations, end-to-end. It also delivers unique advantages in the critical area of reconciliation including:

  • Supporting complex interfaces
  • Extensive data enrichment functionality
  • Reconciliation across both core services and access nodes
  • Keeping pace with new interfaces as they emerge

Reconciliation by VC4

VC4-IMS provides these rich reconciliation capabilities. VC4-IMS is a complete inventory management solution that’s optimized for all networks. Some examples include:

  • Supports multiple networks: such as MPLS/IP, WDM/OTN, Fiber/FTTx/GPON, Ethernet, SDH, SONET, SDN, NFV, Mobile Core, Backhaul and RAN (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G), Microwave, xDSL, Wi-Fi, Broadcasting, Subsea cable, VSAT, ATM, Voice, DCN and Synchronisation
  • Supports all organizations with a telecom network in multiple sectors
  • Supports multiple departments within organizations: such as network operations, off-site operations, technical, finance and more
  • Insights to drive optimization and performance, and increase customer satisfaction
  • Integration to existing business
  • Accurate, timely reconciliation to keep ahead of dynamic network changes.

What our customers say

VC4-IMS is field proven and trusted by leading organisations

BT logo

“VC4 understands our needs and gives us the required support. They bring passion and experience in their work, they are open for new ideas and challenges. We highly recommend VC4.”

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“During the pandemic, we received many new service requirements – we achieved them all. We didn’t miss a thing. IMS from VC4 helped us to achieve that.”

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“VC4-IMS is a major factor in the operation of our network and services. It allows us to deliver high customer satisfaction. We strongly recommend VC4 as experts in their field.”

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“VC4 was the company that better met our requirements in terms of quality and price. Our relationship has been very fruitful…their platform adds extraordinary value.”

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“The coverage of all network layers (Fiber KML up to L2/L3 services) and creating trouble tickets makes VC4-IMS a fundamental part of our network administration and NOC activities.”


“With their experience in the NREN community, VC4-IMS was strategic for the success of GÉANT. GÉANT was able to benefit from the standard offering of VC4-IMS with minor customisations.”