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June 12, 2023

A Brief History of Telecoms in the United States: Understanding ILECs and CLECs

The telecommunications sector in the United States has witnessed a compelling evolution over the …
June 5, 2023

NRENs: The Need for Agility

For a variety of reasons, the quest for agility is playing an increasingly important role in oper…
June 5, 2023

The Power of Leased Line Management: Simplifying the Complexity of Leased Lines and Dark Fiber Management

In today’s interconnected world, effective network management is crucial for Communication Servic…
May 25, 2023

OSS is Moving to the Cloud – What About Your Inventory?

Operators and CSPs are moving many of their enabling platforms to the cloud at an increasing pace…
May 15, 2023

NREN: Is it Time to Move to the Cloud?

In the communications industry, the trend towards migrating service and connectivity solutions to…
May 12, 2023

Understanding Network Inventory Management Solutions: the What – and Why

For telecoms operators of all types, network inventory management has always been a central funct…