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UGG to Accomplish Operational Excellence in Fiber Optic Network Management

9 July 2021
Melanie Gomersall

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German wholesaler to bring sustainable and affordable broadband to more than 2 million households via fiber to the home (FTTH).

ALKMAAR, NL — 09 July 2021 — German company Unsere Grüne Glasfaser (UGG), owned 50/50 by Allianz and Telefónica Germany, selects VC4’s flagship product IMS as part of their OSS stack for managing 50.000 kilometres of rural and semi-rural fiber optic network.

In partnership with Minsait, an Indra company, responsible for the construction of the planning, deployment and maintenance systems for the fiber optic network, VC4 B.V. has provided the technical OSS software, IMS, for UGG to manage their network. A core requirement for selection was broad technical capabilities with minimal customisation.

IMS will be critical in the day to day network operations, allowing the 300 users to oversee network discovery, IP Management, Leased Lines, Inventory and Warehouse requirements in one platform. The mindset of a “single source of truth” is the backbone of IMS and will be critical in increasing productivity across the organisation.

Focus on digital equity with new telecom fiber network

As part of the collaboration between Allianz and Telefónica, UGG is a neutral wholesale provider with a focus on fiber to the home (FTTH) deployments across Germany. Historically underserved communities will benefit from increased connection stability and competitiveness while also benefitting from the environmental improvements. An FTTH deployment typically consumes 60% less energy than previous copper networks.

Financing for the large scale project is expected to reach EUR 5 billion over the next six years.

VC4 is proud to be part of ensuring more than 2 million households across the country benefit from UGG’s efforts to equalise digital infrastructure access.

About VC4 B.V.
VC4 B.V., a privately owned entity, offers a complete inventory management system to network operators around the world. Designed to integrate requirements such as GIS, Inventory, IP, Impact Analysis, Warehouse, and Leased Lines, our flagship product, IMS, provides next-gen service providers with a single source of truth currently unmatched in the market.

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