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VC4 IMS: A Comprehensive Solution for MPLS Network Planning and Inventory Management

12 June 2023
Mike Dorland

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Navigating the dynamic telecom landscape demands innovative solutions. Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology, with its flexibility and scalability, plays a crucial role in the provision of advanced network services. VC4’s Inventory Management System (IMS) rises to the challenge, offering a comprehensive solution for MPLS network planning and inventory management.

VC4 IMS: A Comprehensive Solution for MPLS Network Planning and Inventory Management

VC4 IMS: Elevating MPLS Network Registration

VC4’s IMS shines with its automatic network discovery and reconciliation capability. By connecting directly to live networks, it synchronizes all physical and logical MPLS network data from the live network with the network inventory data stored in the system. This function ensures up-to-the-minute data accuracy, a crucial element for proficient MPLS network planning and management.

A wide array of MPLS data can be captured and registered with the VC4 IMS. It can register equipment, cards, Small Form-factor Pluggable transceivers (SFPs), 10 Gigabit Small Form-factor Pluggable transceivers (XFPs), and physical connections of varying capacities (400Gb, 100Gb, 10Gb, and others). Additionally, it can handle Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks (L2VPN), Layer 3 Virtual Private Networks (L3VPN), Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) instances, Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, and much more. With this comprehensive data capture, operators gain an in-depth view of the network, facilitating informed decision-making and efficient network management.

Complete MPLS Topology Management with VC4 IMS

VC4’s IMS maintains a detailed record of all MPLS network elements and their interconnections, providing an overarching view of the complete MPLS topology. This complete visibility extends to both physical and logical aspects of the network, thereby empowering operators to understand their network structure, identify potential bottlenecks, forecast capacity requirements, and plan network expansions effectively.

VC4 IMS: A Versatile, Vendor-Agnostic Solution

vc4 mpls

Uniquely, VC4’s IMS is both vendor and technology agnostic. This enables it to manage the interrelationships between MPLS and other networks, including MPLS running over WDM, Mobile networks over MPLS, and the interactions between MPLS and GPON/MSAN networks. By providing a unified view of these networks, VC4’s IMS allows for holistic network planning and management, thereby ensuring peak performance across all network layers.

The Right Tool for the Right Time

In the intricate arena of network management, having a powerful tool like VC4’s IMS is invaluable. Its ability to provide real-time data, comprehensive MPLS network planning and inventory management, and its adeptness at managing relationships between MPLS and other networks, makes VC4’s IMS an essential asset for network operators.

In this era of digital transformation, network operators need to stay ahead. An investment in VC4’s IMS, which assures top-tier MPLS planning and MPLS inventory management, is more than just a smart move; it’s a strategic one. Harness the power of VC4’s IMS for your MPLS network planning today.