Vendor management with VC4’s IMS

One of the many features of our Inventory & Management System (IMS) here at VC4, is that it can manage all of the equipment and leased line vendors that a telecom service provider is using at any one time.

Managing equipment with IMS

IMS is a vendor independent solution, meaning that all types of equipment relating to a variety of vendors can be managed within it.

Information that can be stored in the telecom vendor management tool for each one includes:

  • A description of the vendor and its escalation
  • The types of equipment used with it
  • The SLA on site
  • SLA MTTR (main time to repair)
  • Any special arrangements needed for the vendor in question
  • Website/link information
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Contacts and their details

Service providers can conduct telecom SLA management with IMS, as well as vendor performance, if the inventory software is being used for workflow, trouble ticket and warehouse management.

Managing leased line vendors with IMS

In addition to controlling equipment, IMS can also be used for leased line vendor management.

All of the same information that can be stored in the system for equipment management can be housed within it for leased line vendor management too.

However, in this case, it can also store data relating to leased line products, as well as the leased lines for this particular vendor or provider.

In conjunction with the workflow, trouble ticket and leased lines functions of IMS, telecom service providers can use the above information to manage the performance of both their SLAs and leased line vendors.

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