Inventory Management Solution

VC4-IMS is a complete inventory management solution that’s optimized for all networks. It enables you to take control of your data, eliminating silos and providing a single view of all assets and relationships.

Supporting any generation of technology, VC4-IMS helps you to plan new investments more efficiently and seamlessly integrate operations, end-to-end.

By bringing all data together, VC4-IMS is the foundation of operational excellence, providing:

  • Insight to drive optimization and performance
  • Integration to business processes
  • Frictionless automation and service delivery
  • Enhanced KPIs, costs management and financial performance

A comprehensive view of your networks

FTTx / GPON, MPLS, WDM/OTN, SDN/SD-WAN, network sites, fiber / copper routes, trenches, ducts, ISP / OSP and more, VC4-IMS brings everything together.

Physical, logical, virtual, and service

Secure a complete, correlated view of your network across all assets. Understand all relationships and assets, from a single pane of glass.

Automatically updated for accuracy

Unique reconciliation processes ensure inventory is accurately maintained, with all changes incorporated in master view. Easily include network and tech changes.

Integrate inventory into your operations

VC4-IMS provides a single repository of all network and asset data, with sophisticated workflow management and integration with any operational process.


Explore the next generation of network inventory management solutions

Inventory management solutions for any network

Whatever your network or user base, our solutions can consolidate your inventory, driving operational efficiency through a single, consolidated view, correlated across all service layers.

Trusted by…

VC4-IMS is field proven and deployed by leading organisations across the world

    • Vodafone
    • BT
    • Telenor
    • Telefonica
    • Telecom Egypt
    • Orange
    • Geant
    • BC Hydro
    • Granite
    • National Grid
    • Open Fiber
    • TPX Communications
    • Telxius
    • UGG
    • Ella Link
    • Lineox
    • Red Iris
    • Orange