FAQ Group: About VC4

Is there an option for a trial period?

VC4 offers the SaaS solution with a paid trial period with no obligation to migrate at the end. The choice is yours. The trial period is 3 months with support, data migration and training for a smooth transition to an operational IMS solution.

Is IMS training available?

Yes, we provide different kind of training to our clients. These can be:

  • Basic training
  • Admin training
  • Customized training

How long does it take to implement IMS?

This is heavily dependent on the scope – which can include several data migrations and integrations.

VC4-IMS Starter in the cloud can already deliver within a month, whereas big implementations can take up to a year.

Most implementations (that includes some data migration, integrations, and training) can take between 6 months and 1 year.

Can I purchase additional modules of VC4 Network Inventory Management later?

Yes, you can add any module you need based on your organizations needs and objectives. With our existing modules we have a solution to solve your telecom network inventory management challenges and planning through:

  • Network Planning and Inventory
  • GIS Module
  • Leased Line Module
  • IP Management Module
  • Telephone Number Management Module
  • Integration Module
  • Reporting & Dashboard Module
  • Order Management & Trouble Ticket Module
  • Impact Analysis Module
  • Warehouse & Spares Module
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  • 2