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FAQ Group: About VC4

How long does it take to implement IMS?

This is heavily dependent on the scope – which can include several data migrations and integrations.

VC4-IMS Starter in the cloud can already deliver within a month, whereas big implementations can take up to a year.

Most implementations (that includes some data migration, integrations, and training) can take between 6 months and 1 year.

Can I purchase additional modules of VC4 Network Inventory Management later?

Yes, you can add any module you need based on your organizations needs and objectives. With our existing modules we have a solution to solve your telecom network inventory management challenges and planning through:

  • Network Planning and Inventory
  • GIS Module
  • Leased Line Module
  • IP Management Module
  • Telephone Number Management Module
  • Integration Module
  • Reporting & Dashboard Module
  • Order Management & Trouble Ticket Module
  • Impact Analysis Module
  • Warehouse & Spares Module

Why choose VC4’s telecom network inventory system?

VC4-IMS is an Operation Support System (OSS) inventory management and planning system for the telecom industry. With intelligent functionalities, IMS supports every telecom organization in registering the variety of telecom networks and related processes.

Most telecom companies have multiple IT solutions for keeping track of their networks, network inventory, capacity management, workflow, order management, fault handling, warehouse & spare management, and vendor & contract management.

Working with IMS will help your organization to centralize the data, without the need to use multiple systems containing the same data. VC4-IMS can interface with NMS, EMS and NEs to ensure the data is up to date.

Investments in VC4 IMS have a high return on investment (ROI).