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FAQ Group: Functionality

Does VC4 offer Telecom GIS function?

Yes, VC4 Inventory Management System (IMS) has a sophisticated telecom GIS module, so that you can manage all fiber and copper networks plus all active network layers, including full (physical and logical) network topology.

It enables powerful functions such as impact analysis (e.g., which customer services are impacted when fiber breaks), Single Point of Failure calculations and more!

What kind of equipment does VC4’s telecom network planning and inventory system support?

VC4-IMS is a multiple network / vendor inventory and not restricted to one type of network. The software is completely vendor and network platform independent.

Examples include, but are not limited to: MPLS/IP, WDM/OTN, Fiber, GPON, Ethernet, Mobile Core, Backhaul and RAN (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G), SDH/SONET, Microwave, Broadcasting, Subsea cable, WIFI, VSAT, ATM, Voice, DCN and Synchronisation.

Users with appropriate permissions can model equipment with the correct slots, sub-slots, cards and ports. There’s no need for a new IMS software version for a new network or network vendor.