The main features, functionalities and advantages of IMS

Telecom service providers that use VC4’s Inventory & Management System (IMS) will benefit from a whole host of features, functionalities and advantages, as the innovative software has the capability to support all of the processes involved in the customer service lifecycle.

This includes both delivery and maintenance of customer relationships, from the planning stage onwards.

One of the main attractions for many is that additional templates and rules can be predefined within IMS to make sure segmented data continues to meet stringent security constraints.

Search options

IMS comes with a whole host of search options, meaning that all network-related objects – such as customer information, nodes, connections, orders and locations – can be found quickly and easily.

From each element that you come across, you’ll be able to click through to other connected elements, allowing for a seamless search process.

For instance, clicking on a particular customer’s profile will enable you to link through to their sites, connections and equipment, including both the higher and lower layers of any of these objects.

You will see a variety of search fields, including free text search fields and pull down tabs, giving you a range of options.

Although several platforms can be registered within IMS, the relationships between different leased lines and IP and transport networks for instance can all be seen in one single graphical view, making life easier for the software’s users.

Right mouse and double click search options

  • IMS users can also use special right mouse click menus to locate information about specific items, while double clicking can help you to find out more about each item – for example, details regarding circuit and equipment names.
    Features, Functionalities and advantages - Right mouse
    Right mouse

Data exporting

Sometimes it’s easier to view information in Excel, depending on the task at hand.

IMS allows those using it to export every table or grid they create in the inventory system into a spreadsheet, simply by clicking the right mouse button, or the F12 key.

Graphical overviews, such as network maps, circuit paths and node layouts, can all be exported into MS Visio.

In addition, scheduled data exports support several other types of file, including TXT, CSV and XML.

Object reminders

User-friendly object reminders are another highlight of the Inventory & Management System, allowing network items to be highlighted and opened quickly when needed. This can be particularly useful when trying to access information such as connection and equipment names, as well as leased lines.

General Functionality IMS ObjectReminder
Object Reminder


The history of network changes and IMS user activities can be located within the system, alongside other information, like the names of related users, batches and interface applications, as well as the date and time they were carried out and a complete description of the activity

Business rules and validation checks

Another feature of IMS is that it has the capacity to implement technology specific business rules and validation checks. These can also be company specific or just focused around IMS.

Naming convention standards

IMS also complies to the naming convention standards implemented by telecom service providers.

This can be set automatically for a variety of features, including orders, trouble tickets, planned work references, equipment, locations and all types of connections.

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