IMS: User groups and permissions

In VC4’s Inventory & Management System (IMS), each person accessing the software belongs to a user group focused on a particular functionality.

But how are these assigned? IMS has its own unique way of determining which group of users should have access rights to which feature.

Users and user groups in IMS

User group permissions can be set for each individual IMS screen, with the scope for several to be housed within one screen in some cases. All of these can be managed within the software’s menu permissions form.

Examples of user groups include:

  • Read-only
  • Equipment build
  • Connection build
  • Site Management
  • Administrator

Admin users have the ability to create new groups, or change existing ones, making this particular functionality highly flexible.

Database domains

Larger telecom service providers or those that operate on an international scale may need to store different database domains within the Inventory & Management System. For instance, separate ones may be needed for each country a firm deals with.

IMS allows these to be created in a central location, making it easier for organisations to have just one network planning and inventory system, but with a variety of different database models.

Therefore, users from all over the world should be able to access IMS, reading from each available domain.

Data Segregation

Data protection laws will still remain despite the improved access IMS domains can bring.

However, confidential or particularly sensitive customer data can be encrypted so that only those who have the correct user permissions can see and change this information, allowing for an effective segregation system.