Telecom network planning & inventory system

Manage all your network platforms and vendors in 1 single system, with multiple BSS & OSS functionalities.

Including GIS, Workflow, Trouble Ticket Management, Leased Line Management, Impact Analysis, Single Point of Failure, Warehouse (Stocks and Spares), Auto Discovery and Network Reconciliation and Service Fulfilment.


One single network inventory system to register all network platforms and vendors

Are you still using Excel sheets for your network inventory management? Or a home-grown system that isn’t that good? IMS makes it easier. Use only one OSS inventory management system to register all your different network platforms and vendors. 
One central system results in one single truth and provides you full control.

Our telecom network planning and inventory system helps your business to improve the services. It allows staff to complete everyday tasks faster than before and in a much smarter way.
VC4-IMS has a strong off-the-shelf offering, thus reducing customization costs.
The inventory network system enables you to increase revenues and expand margins while reducing risks, OPEX and CAPEX costs.

About VC4 network planning and inventory system

Easily search for any object in IMS.  For each network object, users can find related information by a single click.
Create preconfigured and customized reports and view in different screens. It results in easier, simpler network management.
VC4-IMS offers your network planners all the tools they need to design new or update existing network designs before they are built in the actual network. IMS can also be used seamlessly with the IMS workflow and trouble ticketing module.


The following features are available for efficient network management:

VC4 IMS benefits


Save time and get in control

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Find out what information can be managed within VC4-IMS

collaborating together

IMS allows you to register multiple vendor platforms in one central system. Start today and rely on ONE SINGLE TRUTH.


Platform supported samples (not limited to!) by VC4-IMS:


Network planning and change management

Use IMS to design new or plan updates to the network before it is built in the actual network. Every network item, such as location, equipment, shelf, card and connection has a status. This status identifies the current phase in the delivery or planning life cycle.

IMS Network Planning can be used seamlessly with IMS Workflow. It supports planners to follow the correct process. In the case IMS Workflow is not being used, IMS can be integrated with another workflow/order management system.

Multiple tools are built in to assist in the planning and design of your network: 

Manual and automated planning

VC4-IMS allow users to manually create, change or delete network items and circuit routes.
The automatic connection configuration functionality allows network operators to automatically plan connections and services in IMS. This functionality is based on “least cost routing”. Rules to define the “costs” can be implemented based on customer requirements. For example shortest distance, least hops, least financial costs or combination.
IMS can link the automatic planning functionality with the workflow engine of IMS. Thereby, workflows
can be fully automated.

Change Management

Network planners can plan new network in VC4-IMS such as new equipment, new cards, new connections, etc.

Existing networks may be updated. These updates can be planned beforehand allowing the notification of all departments (ex. NOC, Customer Services and Management) prior to these changes. After changes have been implemented successfully, the object statues  can be updated to “In service”. The prior configuration, such as old routing and port info, will be stored in the IMS history.

The following changes can be managed:

VC4 IMS allows you to register multiple vendor platforms in one central system – one single truth!

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