SDH and SONET Network(s) Management

Telecom service providers looking to manage their complete SDH and SONET network(s) can choose the Inventory & Management System (IMS) from VC4.

The OSS software application offers the following range of functionality:

SDH and SONET Connections

The IMS tool can be used to manage all SDH and SONET connections, such as:

  • 2Mb/VC12/E1
  • 1.5Mb/VC11/T1
  • 34Mb/VC3/E3
  • 45MB/VC3/T3
  • VC4, VC4-4C, VC4-16C, VC4-64C, VCgroup
  • STS1, STS3, STS12, STS48, STS192
  • STM1, STM4, STM16, STM64
  • OC3,OC12, OC48, OC192

An on-the-fly graphical overview can be drawn up for each connection, using information held within the database and detailing everything about the worker and project route, including leased line details.

By using the software application, telecom service providers can choose the type of information – such as location, card and DDF/ODF details – to be displayed on the screen.

Below is an example of a 2Mb IP connection running over an SDH network.

 SDH and SONET networks - Example of a 2Mb IP connection
Example of a 2MB IP connection

Connection Layering

IMS makes it simple to examine the various different connection layers; for example, in SDH from 2MB to VC4 to STMx, or in SONET networks from T1 to T3 to STSx to OCx.

Here is an example of sub VC4, including channel and KLM numbering.

SDH and SONET networks - Sub channels of a VC4
Example of sub VC4

Ethernet over SDH/SONET is also supported by the IMS tool, including VCG and ethernet VLAN (such as EPL, EPLN and EPT).

SDH and Sonet networks - Ethernet SDH/SONET
Ethernet over SDH/SONET

SDH and SONET Protections

Users can register SDH/SONET protections, like:

  • MSP
  • Twin connections
  • DNI
  • 1+n card protection
  • Mesh/ASON

SDH/SONET Equipment

With the IMS software tool, telecom service providers can model all SDH and SONET equipment, along with other platforms – such as WDM, ethernet, MPLS, mobile 2G/3G/4G, voice, DSL, PDH, microwave, servers, power, sync, and electrical and mechanical.

As the application is vendor-independent, it can be used to model all types of vendor.

The front and back layout of every shelf and sub-shelf can be modeled in a graphical representation, as demonstrated here:

SDH and SONET networks - Equipment SDH/SONET
Equipment SDH/SONET

DDF-ODF related to SDH/SONET equipment

It is possible to pre-wire equipment to a patch panel, DDF, ODF or any other type of distribution frame. The system can then be used to store all frames and cabling.

SDN and SONET networks - DDF-ODF related to SDH/SONET
DDF/ODF related to SDH/SONET

Digital and optical distribution frames can be created with location as the starting point, while DDF/ODF shelves and patch panels can be positioned in a rack.

There is a front and back to every frame. For each frame position, a connection/patch can be made to the equipment (pre-wiring) or another frame.

The following picture shows an ODF with its various positions:

SDH and SONET networks - Screenshot of an ODF with its positions
Screenshot of an ODF with its positions

This image shows a cable route involving two pieces of equipment in different locations, connected together via internal cabling and distribution frames:

SDH and SONET networks - Cable route of two equipment
Cable route of two equipment on different location

Relation between SDH/SONET and other platforms

Another feature of the IMS software tool is its ability to detail the relationship between SDH/SONET networks and other platforms, like WDM, fiber or MPLS.

There are many different types of relationship here, such as carrier/sub or circuit/cable between the ports of the multiple platforms. This is demonstrated in the following schematic drawing:

SDH and SONET networks - relation between SDH/SONET and other platforms
Relation between SDH/SONET and other platforms

Network Map

Thanks to its network map functionality, IMS can be used to create graphical network drawings from information held within the database. From the map, equipment and connections can be opened directly.

Configuration of the network can also be carried out via this form.

An example of a graphical network can be seen here:

SDH and SONET networks - Interactive networkmaps
Graphical network