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Frequently Asked Questions2021-07-08T15:27:21+02:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Why IMS as your telecom inventory solution?2021-07-08T14:13:48+02:00

IMS is an Operation Support System (OSS) inventory management and planning system for the telecom industry. With intelligent functionalities IMS supports every telecom organisation in registering the variety of telecom networks and related processes.

Most of the telecom companies have multiple IT solutions for keeping track of their networks, network inventory, capacity management, workflow, order management, fault handling, warehouse & spare management and vendor & contract management. Working with IMS will help your organization to centralize the data without the need to use multiple systems containing the same data. IMS can interface with NMS, EMS and NE’s to ensure the data is up to date.

Investments done in IMS have a high return on investment (ROI).

What kind of equipment does IMS support?2021-07-08T14:14:03+02:00

IMS is a multiple network / vendor inventory and not restricted to one type of network. The software is completely vendor and network platform independent.

Examples are: MPLS/IP, SDH, SONET, WDM/OTN, Fiber, GPON, Ethernet, Mobile Core, Backhaul and RAN (2G, 3G, 4G), Microwave, Broadcasting, Subsea cable, VSAT, ATM, Voice, DCN and Synchronisation. Users with appropriate permissions can model equipment with the correct slots, sub-slots, cards and ports. No need for a new IMS software version in case of a new network or network vendor.

Is it possible to assign rights per IMS user?2021-07-08T14:14:34+02:00

Yes. Different user-groups can be defined, like

  • Read-only
  • Equipment build
  • Connection build
  • Administrator
  • etc.

One IMS user may belong to one or more user-groups. IMS username/password policy follows our customer’s security rules.

Does IMS support the processes in my organisation?2021-07-08T14:14:46+02:00

IMS supports any process involved in the full lifecycle of delivering and maintaining customer service, from planning through to service delivery and maintenance processes.

Who is the owner of the data in IMS?2021-07-08T14:14:57+02:00

The data in the IMS database is always customers property.

Where is the IMS data stored?2021-07-08T14:15:11+02:00

The IMS Oracle database will be installed on the IMS database server. Normally this is within the customer’s secured LAN environment.


Does VC4 give support on IMS?2021-07-08T14:15:27+02:00

We offer a maintenance contract for full support and maintenance of the application.

Are there IMS trainings available?2021-07-08T14:15:45+02:00

We give different types of IMS trainings:

  • Read/Write training on VC4 location
  • Read/Write training on customer location
  • Read/Only training via web based training
Is there a demo of IMS available?2021-07-08T14:15:57+02:00

If you contact us, you can request for more information. Of course we are happy to provide a demo via an online meeting.

Do you have more questions?2021-07-08T14:16:18+02:00

If you have more questions or if you want to have information about IMS please contact us via the contact form or mail to

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