Planned Work software

Keep track of the impact from planned outages on your network and customer services.


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Manage the process and inform your customers on planned outages proactively.

Direct relation between planned works and the network inventory data enables automatic impact calculations.

Easily finetune your workflow processes to your current planned work processes.

Detect, track and inform customers or network operations on the impact of planned outages. Consistently inform your customers and internal organizations regarding the time, date and impact of the planned outage. A direct relationship between planned outages and the network inventory data, enables automatic impact calculations. Easily fine tune your workflow processes to your current network change process.

Before any Planned Work is carried out on the network, IMS can determine the impact of the related outages in correlation to the network and customer services. IMS has a unique integrated communication module which can directly inform your customers and internal teams on the planned work and impacted services. This information can also be available through the available API, allowing easy integration with in-place CRM systems.

VC4-IMS Planned Work functionality is not “just” a network change management system. It is fully integrated with the IMS workflow functionality and enables you to manage business processes and inform your customers correctly and proactively. Easily fine tune your workflow processes to your current change management processes. Allowing easy optimization by your organization at any time.

The Planned Works, Workflow, network inventory and impact analysis are all fully integrated and come as out of the box functionality with the IMS software. IMS records a detailed audit trail for all database transactions including time stamps for the activities performed around the planned works and will also track SLA performance for detailed KPI reporting.


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  • Creation of Planned Works

  • Flexible Planned Works outage process creation and optimization

  • Automatic impact calculation

  • Calculate impact of related planned works or network issues occurring in same timeframe on the network or customer services

  • Planned Work e-mail Notification, email templates

  • Direct integration with network inventory

  • Automatic SLA / lead time management

  • Tracking of planned outage times compared to actuals, KPI reporting

  • Integration with upstream CRM

  • Reporting and dashboard functionality

Read more about the workflow functionalities on our workflow page.

Planned works and outage management have never been so intuitive.

Full control with the easy, adaptive, IMS Planned Work functionality?

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